From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday July 20, 2018

Election Day!  All the votes are in, and so is our Rebel Mission Terminal.

Yup, it’s always night time on Naboo.  (Joking, only when you want to take screenshots)

As many do, we put down a couple of Tatooine Sun Symbols (The proper name of the statues) that I’m calling Welcome Balls to let people know who to contact to join the city.   I pictured them next to each other so you could read the text on them easily since it didn’t all fit on one ball.  But no.   It wouldn’t let me place them anywhere near each other.  It’s a start.  Maybe a fountain would be better.

If the Welcome Balls help bring in the 15 new citizens we need to advance to the next rank (3) and a  City Research Specialization, then, it’s all good.   Vendors are getting customers so, we do have visitors who might be interested.

The Lazy Little Tailor

At last! This week I started making clothing for the Tailor Shop.   I have a vendor called The Shirt Shop (uninspired, yes, but right next to it is one I like called Cloak and Dagger).

I thought I’d start with shirts.  So.   There are 43 different styles of shirts.  That’s just the shirts.   Most, except the Ithorian Wear, use the main color chart which has 255 colors.  You can see the chart has color names filled in for many colors, done by Tailors from the Official Forums.


I never liked the names they used, so over the years I collected color names from many sources like you wouldn’t believe.  I had maybe three tailors on different live servers, all with their own charts! Agh!   I still have them all.   This time around I wanted to fill in the entire chart and give every shade a name.   I’ve gotten really far, but couldn’t make myself actually make things till I filled it in.   This is how my Tailor became “lazy”.

Here’s mine so far:

I love my color names 🙂    I used as many as I could that seemed to call up images of space or science fiction, or science.   I stole a few from creatures that don’t exist in Star Wars like “Gnome Green”.    A few fantasy world names.

Here’s how I broke my self-made lock on crafting–I make five shirts of each style.  One Black. One White.  Because those are the colors everyone wants.  True.  For the other three, I search my chart and make three others in varying colors.  I feed my color beast, and I’m offering variety.

Color 1 is the shirt’s Main Color, Color 2 is for a small stripe on either side.  I add the name of the colors used on everything, so if someone wants pants to match a shirt, or some other item in a color they liked, it’s easy to tell what the color actually is.   I had someone come in one day wanting a match to a pair of camo pants he had–made by someone else–I could not quite get a match, but if I’d made it, no problem.

Yet another tricksy thing enters in.  I decided I should make a vendor with items that come out with four sockets.  It is totally random whether they come out with four or two or none.  You do want four sockets because there are little looted clothing tapes you can drop onto your clothing that enhance your some of your stats beyond the base otherwise possible.  For me, it would be a waste to just toss anything that doesn’t come out with four.  I did see someone in Genchat say he’d made 32 of the same item before getting a four socket one.  Nope, I think my way is a good compromise.   I used the funky little Treadwell Droid vendor for “Four Socket Attire”.

We’ll see how sales do once I get a nice selection up.

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From The Desk of the Mayor Saturday July 14, 2018

Rebel Mission Terminal Tally:

9750 of 10000 xp needed.

Who Wore It Better?

My Rodian in Pink is ready for those missions, thanks to her pal the mayor who happened to have a set of Pink Ubese Armor that somehow fit perfectly.

Have you seen the meme where two celebrities are shown wearing the same dress?  They call it Who Wore It Better, and usually one looks horrible and the other great.

So here is the Ranger in Pink Ubese


And the Pistoleer in the very same outfit


Level Up

My Pistoleer Soulmate managed to get Master Pistoleer while we worked on leveling on Lok this week.

I was pretty busy taking screenshots so he didn’t get much help from me.

Still, I have only one box left and then the Lizard and I will be true equals.


The Player Cities of Naboo: Old Republic City

I purchased something here recently, so I knew I wanted to visit Old Republic City next.

It is in  southwestern Naboo.

Old Republic City is a  Metropolis with 120 citizens, and the Mayor is Xuniekius.

It’s an Improved Job Market, meaning if you take missions from this type of city your mission payout is larger.  I want to say 20% but I’ll fact check tomorrow. My spouse will know, because he’s a fiend for Improved Job Market Cities.   People in Genchat are always asking if there are Improved Job Markets on a given planet, and you can see why.

Old Republic City Hall, exterior.


Inside the City Hall are surprising occupants, a set of bioengineered Guardians.

There’s seating in the center and a refreshing fountain at the back of the room.

The Mayor’s Office (I always call the room with the city terminal the Mayor’s Office because it was used by our city that way in Live and I use it that way now.)

A beautiful City Commons (my term again).

The Old Republic’s Dazzling and Wizzle’s Fun Club, aka the Cantina.

The Old Republic City Med Center. Yup a fish tank.  I love fish tanks.



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From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday July 6 2018

If you’re keeping a tally, still 1000 xp to go until we have a Rebel Mission Terminal.  I only get 750xp a week in non-election weeks, so still slogging.

My Pistoleer in the making (aka the Rodian in Pink) and a Pistoleer my spouse is working on are at about the same level and use the same pistol, so we’re going to reach Master Pistoleer together.  (Ah, Romance) We’re working on Dantooine because all we were getting on Naboo at our level were snakes and bolles.  You can only do so many snakes and bolles.

My Beloved

We have our Dantooine missions agreed upon rules:

Any direction but South (lake in the way).

Take the highest paying mission whatever it may be.

If someone dies we’re done.

A Busy Crafting Week

Lots of re-listing as happens every thirty days.  Gack it’s a pain.  I like to listen to MassivelyOp and The Starting Zone podcasts while I re-stock, but both were not updated this week.   So a gardening one…not the same ambience.

My Architect on live and in the Emu has always loved specializing in furniture.  I have not been able to keep up the furniture stock (or large homes, guild halls and some of the city structures, and factories…) so I’m resorting to making small factory runs, something I don’t like to do, having an RP thing going where she makes handcrafted furniture.  There are dozens of pieces of furniture that an Architect can make, and it’s more important to me to offer everything, so, in the factory they go.   It also helps me be more consistent in naming the furniture.   Often, there are multiple items with the exact same name café table, couch, cabinet.    You can look at the details to see a picture, but I prefer to give them a unique and descriptive name.

My Master Artisan/Master Merchant had lots of re-listing as well, plus she needed to get a full stock of crafting tools.  All done.

The Lazy Little Tailor remains indolent.

On The Border

One day this week I noticed a house where one never was.  It is as close to the border of the city as it can be without being in the city.   We’re not exactly a place you’d pass by.

So I wrote to the person and explained what we are working toward and asked if they are interested in becoming a citizen.   I haven’t heard back yet.

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From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday June 29 2018

Skill Tree Follies

We’re creeping closer to that Martial Policy IV: Faction terminal box.  With the election this week, I’ve 8250 of the 10,000 points I need for the skill.  Two more weeks, then!

This will give my Pistoleer/Future Smuggler time to get some armor.  She’s pretty in pink, but won’t do well in NPC clashes.  I confess she’s got lots of Scout and is more animal huntress than people huntress.   She’ll have one of my spouse’s Scaly Sorts by her side, which will help immensely, but he wisely always has armor and I can’t let him take all the shots.

Naturally we’re hoping to avoid real people entanglements, but you never know.

MassivelyOp Visits The Galaxy

The most exciting thing in the Galaxy this week was Bree Royce, Larry Everett and MJ from MassivelyOP visiting the Emu to reminisce in honor of the 15th Anniversary of the game that was.

They started out in the Mos Eisely cantina and talked about Entertainer profession memories, then headed out to take on a ronto lair mission for fortune and glory.  This was, as they say, massively entertaining.  Larry appeared to be Brawler/TK, Bree pistols “with most of Scout” and MJ, who had never done combat in the real game, took a few swings with a Survival Knife, with much running and screaming with rontos on her tail.

Then Larry Everett wrote an article about an event he coordinated with the legendary Pex, wherein there were explosions and massive troup attacks, all for role play excitement.

Still thinking about their experiences, and wishing for that never-to-be reboot of the game by an official entity which would update the game, and be more reliably there in the future, Bree asked if people would play if such a thing happened.


The Player Cities of Naboo: Temenos Island

One of the things they said in the Stream was that Temenos Island, Naboo, is run by the same people who ran the live city.  I think that’s what they said…

So I decided I should start my Player Cities of Naboo Tour there.  It’s right in the center of the Naboo map.

It has 104 citizens, and the mayor is Aerea.

It is a metropolis and Research City.

The city radius is a grand 450 meters.  I have to say, when I’m in a metropolis, they seem impossibly huge and sprawling compared to our snuggly 200 meter village.

What a beautiful city.  It is really sort of the ideal vision I have myself for a city.  All Naboo homes, nicely laid out.   Really a fun setting as you step off the shuttle (my screenshot disappeared, just stop by to see what I mean.)

I visited City Hall to get the City Info.  I love a nicely decorated city hall.

Theirs has some of the same casual, sit down and relax atmosphere I’m going for, but it also has a truly impressive mountainous fountain where we have a “stage”.

It appears the Mayor’s Office is used for feasts.

Again my screenshot poofed, but I loved a house that had a sign that advertised “Confidential Investigations, No Infidelity Too Small”.


These pictures are just for me. I thought I didn’t appreciate the in game gardens much (though I love mine in real life), but some of them really did look lovely in the city, so we may eventually add these:


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From The Desk Of The Mayor Saturday June 23 2018

Zzzzzzz.   An even sleepier week in the Galaxy and Star’s Rest.   My first Friday post missed. I wait till the game updates Friday evenings, then note anything of interest here.

Between you and I, the Mayor was caught up in the 12 Monkeys three hour marathon.  They’re doing three episodes each Friday night for four weeks.  One of the best shows ever, they are going out with every bang imaginable.  See how the real world can interrupt adventures in the Galaxy.

In game, it was vendor restock week.  My Architect and Master Artisan have such deep stocks I listen to podcasts while I re-list items.

My Master Tailor remains a lazy bum who lists almost nothing because I still haven’t got my color charts tweaked just so.  I never had this problem in the live game.  I can also confess, since no one but my spouse reads this, that I understand everyone likes clothing with four sockets (for cloth tape enhancements) and Bioengineer enhanced clothing (my

Bioengineer to be has done nothing towards becoming one) but I just like the pretty colors, myself.

The first ever vendor sale in the city was this week, some fine person bought steel.  Huzzah!

Happy Adventuring!

Atheren Lightrunner

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From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday June 15 2018

This has been the quietest week ever in the Galaxy, with barely any time to log in at all.

City Report

No citizens added.

No new buildings added.

Weekly maintenance 115,400 credits

Politician xp gained 750

City Map

The original homes are all clustered around city hall tightly because of the 150 meter original city size.   They may look a little chaotic here, but I wanted a more natural looking, flowing cityscape than many I’ve seen where all the homes are in rigid lines.  They look really beautiful as they are, as you approach the city.  The large buildings you see were half in and half out of the city limits before the expansion to 200 meters.  Somehow that northern border seems tighter than the other sides.  It’s supposed to be a circle around the City Hall, but it doesn’t seem like one.

The plan is to put a cantina, hospital and someday shuttleport to the right (east) of City Hall where building may be limited because of the mountains, a Cloning Facility next to the Garage, large and medium Naboo Houses on the west and south sides of town where the land is better for building.  More smalls can go in the east and southeast areas.

Musically Speaking

My Musician found a spot in an Entertainer group in Theed, and rapidly began filling in the Entertainer Healing and Fatigue boxes.  She was getting 13 pts of Musician xp per flourish, but they were playing an early level song.   I don’t mind at all, because I think it is a generous thing built into the game, that everyone will drop down to where the lowest level can play, then move up to new songs as they improve.

I play the game now as I did the live game, so I only play while in a cantina if I can be at the keyboard.  You meet the nicest people in Entertainer groups.

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From The Desk Of the Mayor Friday June 8 2018

Election Day!  Points enough for two boxes of Martial Policy.  Only that last 10,000 pointer to go and we armor up, and head on out.

There was nice Carvivore Meat on Naboo this week, so we spent some time hunting.  I wish more creatures gave more of the resource, but with my Master Ranger and Veghash it was between 67 units and 135 units per Narglatch depending on how “healthy” they were.   Dreamy Veermok could give 203 each, but they didn’t appear on the terminals for my character, and you had to just come across them, then whack, whack!   I have an old grudge from Live days against Shauputs, and was hoping to hunt those, but 7 units each, bah.

The Carnivore Hunters

I let my Musician run for hours in city hall a couple of days this week.   There is a stage there, all she needs is an audience.   She got a box and 3/4s but I’m hoping to move along faster.   I sent her to cantinas on several planets and couldn’t find an Entertainer group, which I think would double her xp.   I’ll send her out again this weekend.  It’s a good way to get to know people, which we need to do.   Wish her luck!

Playing City Hall

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