Atheren’s Galaxies October 11, 2019

In case you missed it, there’s a great interview video with SWG developer LordKator by Mobyus1 talking about finishing up the Emu ground game and possible future plans for the permanent Emu server.   Well worth your time if you’ve ever loved Galaxies.


Atheren’s Galaxies 10/4/19

I’m on track for my goals of the week.  I spent some time crafting meds, and more time working on my Architect’s vendor inventories.

This is not just re-listing items from the stockroom, but working on being fully stocked on all the vendors.   Login numbers to the Galaxy seem down a bit, but people still want to buy homes and Guild Halls, City Halls and Shuttleports, furniture, lighting and paintings.

I’m back in the Architect’s Happy Place, running alternate loads of Structural Modules and Walls.  I have all of the City Buildings back in stock, but can use all types of homes, and Guild Halls.

My lighting vendor is nicely stocked except for Street Lights.  They can be dropped in a city for night lighting outdoors, but they also can be dropped inside any building for unique lighting at night.  They’ve always been fairly popular, even in the Live Game.

I need a few Factories.  They sell fairly well, though I charge a bit more than most.

The Furniture vendor should be in pretty good shape, because I went through and made ten of everything, and the stock seems to be holding out.

Once she’s all stocked I’ll move to my Tailor to finally get her fully stocked as well.  Life in the Galaxy!  Have a good week.

Atheren’s Galaxies September 27, 2019

We had a much better week than last week.  The City, it’s mission terminals, lights, Garage (!), and trainers were all restored Saturday night.

Both my Architect and Tailor had custom orders which they hand delivered to the customers.  I love doing that!

The Tailoring customer knew just what they wanted, including the specific colors.  That makes it easy, and so much fun.

The Doc made crafting progress, half a box is big big progress!

All the houses in the city have extra maintenance, so no poofs.

Back on track, and making me oddly happy, two factory loads of Structural Modules are processing as we speak.

I meant to get some ore harvesters down this week, but it will have to wait for the next set of spawns on Sunday.

I realized my Entertainer still needs two boxes of Image Design to be Master Entertainer as well as Master Musician and Master Dancer.  Then, the Mandovial!  The sweetest music ever.

Projects for the next week, not just re-stock but fully stock Architect and Tailor vendors.  There are still many things not on offer yet at all.  Poor Ithorians of the Galaxy, I’ve nothing for you yet.

Craft craft craft those Advanced Biological Effect Controllers, Doc.

This is the time to start doing some of the things I never mastered in the live game.  From something as simple as multi-line building signs to Armorsmithing.  This is the opportunity to just do everything, because I could.

Atheren’s Galaxies September 20, 2019

Not a good week! I thought I was doing nicely, all caught up on vendor re-stocks at last.  I had not been checking the maintenance on homes in the city, though, and one went poof!  The worst that can happen!

Luckily I keep a citizen’s list so I could move one of my own characters back inside the now smaller city radius, and back to 19.  Have to wait till morning when my sleeping spouse wakes to have him place another small Naboo and declare residence, then we’re all good.

A few lights went poof.   Trainers too?  I didn’t check.   Log in, check maintenance, have a happy city.

Next week will be better.

Atheren’s Galaxies September 13, 2019

Back to normal schedules next week, in the meantime, here’s a short short sort of tale for you.  We had a new guildie drop in out of nowhere, though she said she had come from Lok.   She was pretty great, and loved PvP and flight when it came to the game.

Ariadne Rides Again

Fourteen Imperial bases destroyed in one night!  An incredible series of strikes by Rebel forces had the night air ringing with intercom voices.  Weeks of planning, scheming, back alley meetings and blatant spying had led to victory.

“How many???”


“The Imps must be so pissed!”


     Ariadne smiled as she listened to the chatter.  Her own part in the raids gave her great satisfaction.  She had kept her group together, directing each move in a commanding voice.  They had responded by moving as a unit, fifty rebels moving base to base, bringing down turrets, At-Sts and surprised Imperial troups with utter precision and ruthlessness.  Now, taking the chance that she might be ambushed while still overt, she headed to Lok to meet a long time friend, sometime foe who said he had crates of incredibly powerful mines that she could use to defend her home base against inevitable reprisals.


     The angelic choral music of Nyms Stronghold greeted her as she stepped off the shuttle.  Dressed in her trademark black slacks and jacket she pulled out her speeder bike, checked her datapad for the rendezvous point and headed away from the star port.

     “Where r  u?” her contact asked.

     “Three k out” she replied, veering away from a spined snake recluse nest, its writing hissing contents instantly on the move in pursuit.

     “K” came the reply.

     Anticipating an ambush, she pulled out a flask of her best brandy and took a deep drink.  The man they called Red Spike was a bad man to meet anywhere.  It was almost certain he planned to take advantage of her present vulnerability in Imperial territory, but she had to take the chance.  In an hour she would be safe from attack but he insisted they meet now.  Two hundred meters from the meeting point she stopped, dismounted and stored her bike.  Equipping her krayt enhanced FWG5, she moved cautiously towards her target.

     Would he betray her this time?  She knew she couldn’t trust him, but if he delivered,

the Rebellion would benefit as she used the mines to defend their base.   The base was under constant attack and any added defense would make her guild mates happy and the Rebellion stronger.  As it was, they were weary of coming to its defense at all hours of the day and night.  Checking her radar she sighed in relief—he was alone.  He could call in his friends anytime but she hoped his feelings for her would keep her safe.  She was counting on it. 

     As she approached he smiled.  She waved in return.  He looked at her, taking in the long blonde hair blowing in the Lokian breeze.  So beautiful yet so treacherous he thought.  He had fallen for her warm confidential manner like so many others had.  He had thought once they had a future, fighting side by side but she had firmly let him know that there was someone else.

    She returned his gaze evenly, thinking he had seen too many late nights in cantinas across the galaxy.  His years of fighting on the side of evil had changed him.  Once a renowned Rebellion colonel, now he crept the back alleys of the galaxy doing dirty deeds in the name of the wrinkled lump of pale flesh that was the Emperor.  She was alarmed to see he wore the sign of the Empire openly.  If she could act like nothing was amiss, grab the mines and run, it would be a successful trip to Lok, the perfect ending to an evening of excitement.

     “Trade please” she said (bubbly).

      “Hello Ariadne, I’ve missed you.”  Red Spike wore full armor and held a rocket launcher casually.  He passed her the crates and smiled (full of mischief). 

      “Thanks for coming” he said. 

    “There wasn’t a better time or safer place to meet you, I want you to know that.”  Red Spike offered.

    “You mean there was no safer place for you.” Ariadne smiled. 

     “Your activities on behalf of the Emperor are making you somewhat infamous” She said, stepping back towards her bike.  He took a step towards her.

     “Stay and chat a moment” he grinned.

      “Incoming overts from the north! – Five of them!” came the urgent voice of Sloane.  He and five others had arrived on Lok and spread out around the rendezvous point as soon as Ariadne had let them know she was going.  Well placed spies always payed off, thought Ariadne.   She hit the button to pull her bike, mounted and turned swiftly south toward the star port.  Red dots appeared on her radar briefly, then she was out of range and ahead of them.

     “Wait!” Red Spike pleaded on her intercom her.

     “Your friends might not be so pleasant as you’ve been tonight!” she responded.  “Mines from an old friend are one thing, deathblows from your companions? I’ll pass! Great to see you again!”

     Her bike flew up and over a hill, temporarily carrying her high above a frustrated band of pirates.  She grinned as she sped through the parched landscape.  Nym’s Stronghold came into view, the star port and a quick flight to Rebel aligned Moenia minutes away.  Suddenly her radar was filled again with dots of blazing red.  A squadron of openly Imperial infantry waited at the star port.  Turning sharply, she sped back to the main stronghold, hoping to make it to see Nym himself before the Imperials could catch her.  Nym’s guards fired on the the Imperials as they chased her through the streets.  Newly equipped with superior weaponry, the guards were deadly to the Imperials as they pursued Ariadne deep into the stronghold.  Screams, explosions and gunfire filled the air as she reached Nym’s home.  Virtually flying off her bike, she ran in, her health indicators so low she felt she hardly moved.  The sound of blaster fire dimmed as soon as she was inside.  Nym, who sitting behind his table busily looking over maps stood as she entered.

     “Welcome back Ariadne” He grinned.  “I didn’t think you would ever dare to return.”  He motioned to his guards.  Outside all was quiet.  Inside only the echo of footsteps on cold stone could be heard. 


Atheren’s Galaxies September 6, 2019

Once again, call me Master!  Well, my little Rodian Master Dancer.   One last night in theed and all my healing boxes filled in really fast.  I super appreciate the Theed group led by QueenBeech and Dokblock .  Now to work out a good set of music and dance routines, then it’s off on the Nine Planets Tour.

Doctor Mery is next, crafting out the single column she needs for Master Doc.   Then I think my Chef in waiting.

Someone in Genchat  asked if they should go ahead and work on Jedi with the changes coming.  It turns out that the developers are considering working to finish the ground game, then they’ll release the permanent server.  From what I read and could understand of the talk of 3D x/y/z stuff, JTL is currently beyond what the developers themselves know.  It’s a six page thread as of tonight, and they’re being very honest.   I have nothing but admiration for them re-creating the game I love, and know they’ll do the best thing they can.  It sounds like nothing is imminent, so I plan to just enjoy the Galaxy and to level my characters as always.

Atheren’s Galaxies August 30, 2019

More of the usual, except tomorrow Sinome goes back to Theed to get those last 2 1/4 boxes of healing.

Have been busy and hope my vendors don’t blow up!  Yikes!

From the archives, a couple of things to entertain you in the meantime.

One of my all time favorite article titles is “Can a table stand on one leg?  Critical and ludological thoughts on Star Wars Galaxies” by Timothy Burke.   The article, unlike many, is still out there!

On Furniture Colorization

How about this nice conversation about coloring furniture, which at this point was clearly off the table.  They did eventually add it, of course.

I remember reading the post Pawlin is referring to but after several searches I still cannot find it. Sometime approximately between May 2005 and May 2006, we got a definite “NO on the color options for furniture” explanation. Based on Pawlin’s changed responses of “We wish to have color…” to “We have been told no on color…”

A Dev explained why making furniture with color options (like clothes) is “not impossible” but would be very time consuming and difficult to make new art in every color for every furniture item in the game. Clothing was intended to have color options during crafting and was coded that way and art done for it since the beginning. Furniture et al was never intended to have color options so the art and coding was never done. It would take a LOT of work to do it now. And they feel the game has many other higher priorities than making a chair have more color options.

Here’s SWG-Goliath explaining sort of why it can be done but won’t be done: CLICKY #1

Mirkwoods wrote:

SWG-Goliath wrote:

Modular housing sounds cool at first glance, but the real problem is how we set up houses and other interiors in the game. In order to seperate the house from the rest of the world and thereby making the game more effectaint we use a portal system. when you step from the world into the house, you walk thru a portal. Each portalted room is called a cell. The cells have to line up perfectly, and the custom lighting i do has to match from room to room, or there is a huge and ugly pop when you step between them. In addition there is flooring issues as each cell has its own floor. those floors have to also match exactly or you cant cross thier bounderies.


|_ mesh

|_ floor

|_ portals

|_ Lights

Bottom line is that from an art perspective player created modular housing would be extremely buggy and unpredicable assuming it even worked at all. Our game in its current state isnt set up for this level of customisation in housing.

Message Edited by SWG-Goliath on 10-03-200510:48 PM

This makes sense, but what I was talking about, if you are responding to me specifically, is making a decorated room an item.

Not the room itself, but perhaps an item with certain dimensions that will fit into many of the rooms. This item consists of something called say, “Bedroom suite.”

The bedroom suite consists of say, a large bed, a large area rug underneath and some chairs and other bedroom looking objects that are actually just one object.

We’ve all seen that there can be huge objects that are just one item; Example = Asteroid Chunk.

This way, when you put down say the “Bedroom suite”, or a “Small kitchen”, you are putting down only one object, and having most of a bedroom, or a kitchen already done, then you can use the smaller items to decorate and customize the “rooms.”

I’m not sure how something like this could even mess up the lighting.

I’d love to hear why this wouldn’t work… but I’d prefer to hear how it could be made to.

SWG-Goliath wrote: Its not impossible but you wouldn’t be able to sit on or use any of the items that are part of this suite. Each item has specific functions. For example a dresser holds items, a bed or chair can be sat upon, a lamp emits light. If we combined all the models into a single item, the funtionality would be lost since that function is applied per item. I hope that makes sense.

SWG-Goliath: Master Artist

Pawlin wrote:

Yeah you’d think it wouldn’t be too hard for their art dept. to put out a few new skins for new house styles.

ONe thing we’d like is furniture color customization. We were told over a year ago that the “ball is rolling” on that… I figure Sisyphus is still workin on it.

Pawlin wrote:

Edzew wrote: …also they can change the color on furniture as well yet they say its imposible kuz it would take to mutch code or sum crap like that …

They did not say it was impossible.

They have said that its a lot more work than people think cause the furniture items as made are not setup to handle multiple color options. So they’d have to both do new art for all the new colors and rewrite the software code for all the furniture.

I certainly hop we’ll net some new content like this eventually but I don’t expect it anytime soon. We’ve been asking for this for over 2 years so don’t hold your breath.

Pawlin wrote:

Wirlies_Birds_Inc wrote:

Pawlin said:

Color pallets for furniture might be off the table. SOE has said before that would be a ton of work so I don’t know if they’d be able to swing it.


(Sorry, I don’t know how to do the neat little quoting previous post trick so many of you can do)

I don’t buy this for one second. You mean to tell me that will all the features in this and any other game, and with the fact that there are color palletts for clothing, for skin, for speeders and for ships, adding one for furniture is not techinically possible? Sounds to me like when you tell you kid to do thier reply is “but dad its soo hard”.

Sounds to me like they just don’t want to add a color pallet to furniture.



  1. I am not telling you it is “not technically possible”. I never said anything of the sort. I said that SOE said it “would be a ton of work”. If something is a lot of work, that is not the same as impossible.

Yes when it comes down to it some things they have to say ‘no’ to because its simply too much work. We have to be realistic. They have a limited amount of people and time. We want to get the most bang for the buck in the things they do for Trader.

I’d certainly like furniture pallette. I’ve personally asked for it a million **edit**ing times. But when they tell you outright that something isn’t going to happen then its time to move on and ask for other stuff.

Oh please, I can’t just tell my boss to **edit** off cause something is too hard and use that to get out of anything.

That is not what we’re talking about.

I’m talking about a business telling their customers “sorry thats to much work for us to be able to do”. I work directly with customers myself and do at times I tell them ‘no sorry’ when they ask for things we can’t realisticially do. Its based on cost and return and amount of work.

Seriously are you accusomted to businesses telling you “yes” for whatever you ask as a customer??

This is not the marines. You and I are not SOE’s commanding officer. So we can’t just order them to “make it happen”. The “customer is always right” philosphy is nice but only works so far when you’re looking at the various wants and needs of 10’s of thousands of individual customers and 9 distinct professions with various play styles. They have limited resources and have to spread them around the best way they can to get the most bang for the buck. We’ve only got a limited time they’re going to spend on our revamp and we need to make sure we get the most out of it.

I’ve been very clear that this is a case of SOE telling us its too much work. Thats a very straight forward no answer based on them not wanting to put that much effort into something. SO I’m dropping it in favor of the many other things we’d like done that they havne’t said no to. We won’t drop it entirely but since they’ve said no once why keep beating a dead horse??? I’m NOT going to make baselless accusations about teh validity of the amount of work they say it would take, tahts virtually calling them liars which gets nobody anywhere.

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