Welcome to my Star Wars Galaxies Blog!

I’ve been playing this daily for about three months now (created my EMU accounts over a year and a half ago) and I’m at the point where I love the game Star Wars Galaxies as much as I ever did, which is a tremendous amount.

It was the first online game I ever played.  It took some time and patience from people I met in game teaching me the ins and out of online worlds.  Once I understood how it all worked I was hooked!

If you ask the people in my household what the best game they’ve ever played was, of any type, the answer has always been Star Wars Galaxies.

I played from June 21st 2003 till 2011 when the game was shut down to make way for the arrival of Star Wars The Old Republic.  There is no doubt in my mind the games could have coexisted, but those in control just couldn’t let it be.

Thanks to the efforts of talented people who somehow have mind bogglingly (a word, I’m sure) brought the world back to life on the Basilisk Server ( I am only interested in the Pre-Combat Upgrade game), I am living in this incomparable world once more.  My husband, the wiliest Trandoshan/Ithorian you’ll ever meet also plays (we had four copies of the live game, eventually).

This new blog is almost just for me to post pictures, ramble lovingly about the game, and try to put into words what its like to live the grandest adventures ever brought to the PC screen.  See you in game.

Atheren Lightrunner

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