Notes From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This is the first time I’ve ever created a blog, then only did a single post.  My original purpose was to sort of journal my adventures in this unique world.  Somehow, I found I wasn’t willing to share.   Very odd.

I’ve thought of various things I’d like to put here to make it a sort of Archive, and perhaps I still will.  This would focus on the things my Architect and Tailor could make, because some of those sites that showed pictures of everything are gone.

A few Tailoring sites are still there, but honestly, since the game and it’s players took such an un-amicable turn with the advent of the NGE, many sites were taken down or taken over by adware and other malicious software.  There aren’t many places left which aren’t “infected”.

As a starter, I’d recommend the SWG Emu pages, many of which are copied from the original forums in all their glory.  The danger is in clicking on any of the links from those original pages, because again, they’re gone or corrupted.   Consider this a safe haven.

About me as a Galaxies player:

My main characters are always Architect and Tailor.  I love what they can do and what they add to the world so much.

I also have a Master Ranger, a class I never played till the Combat Upgrade when so many of my other characters just got whammied and weren’t fun to play anymore.  I’m finding that my Pre-CU Master Ranger is kind of weak sauce as a combatant.  She get’s pounded, usually her mind, so fast, even with buffs and food/drink.  I’m pretty discouraged about this, because once I tried Ranger in the CU, it was my all time favorite class.  I mastered two Rangers on different servers in the short CU period.   The answer might be as simple as too much encumbrance from both my weapon and armor.  Right now I’m just leveling other fighting classes to see if I like them better and she doesn’t get to range as my live Ranger did.

I have ten characters, and am pretty much slowly working on all the crafts and some different combat classes I didn’t try in the live game, such as Fencer.

This was my first MMO and I’m interested to see how I now approach this game with the sensibilities of someone who has now played many, many MMO worlds and I’ve changed considerably as a gamer.

I will say this game seems as great to me as it ever did.  There is nothing here you can’t do, nobody you can’t be.  It lacks the community it once had, no question.  The live game had the best, the brightest and liveliest players I’ve ever encountered anywhere.   Perhaps once the Emu is fully developed, with the addition of Jedi and Space, and is on a stable server rather than a test server, some of those people will return.

Onwards to adventure!


I want to note that the glorious MJ from Massively did a live stream from the Galaxies EMU yesterday to celebrate the birthday of the game.   It was so much fun to hear her reminisce about her live game life and the people she knew.   Watch and remember!

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