Back, And You Didn’t Know I Was Gone

I was off on vacation for a couple of weeks.  Before I left, I restocked all my vendors (re-listed, actually).  Yikes, lots of sales on my Homes and Halls vendor, so I’ve been working to restock the past few days.

With the advent of Publish 9 and quite a few returning players, business is good.  I’m working on my architect first, since it’s a bit easier.

My Tailor is slowed to a halt because somehow, I’ve misplaced my big color chart, the one with 255 colors, with all but a few rows named by me!  Maddening!  I thought I might be able to use my supply of Loose Dresses- which represent every color I’ve named from the chart, but no, impossible.  I can’t recall which colors go where.  Grr if I have to start from scratch, I can use those color names, but I’ll need to blow away all the outfits currently on my vendor in order to get it all right.  What a quandary, you say.   Details as events warrant….


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