Tailor Vendor Reboot, Cloaks

I couldn’t find my main color chart so I pulled everything off my vendor that I couldn’t identify from my previous chart.

Since I originally made a bunch of clothing that I liked myself in all the colors, I decided to work for my actual potential sales audience (all guys!) and I’ve started with Cloaks.  Since Jedi are in the game, it seems a good time to stock these.

There are two versions available, Hood Up and Hood Down, otherwise the two are identical.

Hood Down (In Geist Gray)

Hood Up (In Geist Gray)

The Cloak color palette has many brown shades, which can be boring to someone like myself who loves pastels.

There are 48 distinct shades in this palette (and it is in some places called Leather Palette 1 48 colors).  I was in a somber mood when I named the colors, so…also, I thought some Star Warsy color names fit, and some sci-fy/fantasy type names were suitable.

In doing a vendor search, Cloak (Hood Up) is named in the schematics so you can search that, but the hood down version just says Cloak.  I named all of mine Cloak (Hood Down) so they’ll come up that way after all the other vendor’s Cloaks.  Look for mine 🙂

Next I’ll be making all of the Shirts, then Pants (though Ithorian Wear will come later when I’ve made all the general species items).

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