Phendrena’s Star Wars Galaxies Tailor Catalogue

I’m still working on my color charts, specifically on my vast collection of color names.  I’ve been collecting and thinking up color names for years, with the Galaxies Tailor Color Charts in mind.  I have pages of printouts and little scraps of paper with ideas that came to me over time.  I’m putting them all in one list, categorized by the color shades.  Then I’ll plug them into my charts.

While I was looking for a nice picture of the charts themselves, I came across Phendrena’s page, which I’d never seen before.  It is so wonderful, it not only pictures the charts, but all of the outfits and when you mouse over a piece, it will tell you which color chart (s) the piece uses.  It’s immensely helpful, and you can direct your customers to it so they can select what colors they’d like a particular outfit in.

The site has some fun blog/adventure pages last updated in March of 2016, so this site is very up to date, compared to many which aren’t available anymore.  I’ll be looking for sites that are still active and will post the links over on the sidebar.

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