This Week In The Galaxy

I’ve been playing quite a bit this week, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else.


I’m finally getting a good stock of all buildings, art and sculpture, furniture and home décor.   I’ve decided that I won’t ever be a Harvester maker, because they’re boring and require storing and acquiring materials with specific stats.  Storage is a real problem if you do multiple crafting professions, and the goal is always to do every crafting profession–it’s how I play all games.

My architect tent and vendors are outside of Coronet    (2170     -5341).


Inside the guild hall, I’m working to have all the in game paintings that can be acquired (except that one Imperial quest one), the furniture, and the compiled loot kit items like the Large Gong and Naboo Sculpture, etc so you can see what they look like before buying.


She’s on hold while I work on stocking Architect items, then she’ll be stocking up.  I am slowly working on a Bioengineer so that at some point I can offer those items as well.


I have a hard time finding the weapons I need for prices my lowbies can afford, so I’m also slowly, slowly grinding Weaponsmith.  I really hate macro grinding, but I now have a ton of podcasts to listen to while I work so maybe there will be progress.

She will be specializing in Melee Weaponry, again, storage is an issue for all my characters who craft, so I’m thinking  a specialization on weapons which only need one good stat–Shock Resistance, is a good plan.


I’m working the third level of Pistoleer boxes and am finding it a slog.  I see my spouse out there with his Master Pistoleer and he just mows everything down while I remain puny.


I really wanted to go Swordsman, because I’ve been one before and it is powerful, but dang, a swordsman whose weapon is a Power Hammer.  Hated that in live, can’t face it again now.  In live I had guildies to help me get the Scythe Schematic and a WS to make the weapon.  Ya, that’s not going to happen here on the Emu.

Since I just want to wield a sword, and have never done Fencer at all, I switched to Fencer yesterday with this character.  She’s my someday Chef, so if she’s also master at any combat profession, she will be great.   So far she’s ruling the Meatlumps on the fringe of Coronet.


Master Ranger, Master Rifles.  Every single shot she takes wipes her mind.  Clearly I need Food Enhancements, Entertainer Enhancements, but also a weapon with less Mind cost and Armor that I can use without being Mind Blown.   She’s wearing Ubese armor, but this week I found a screenshot of my live Galaxies Ranger and she was wearing Padded Armor.

Black padded armor.  Really low HAM costs on it.  I’m shopping for some nice black padded armor now, but am only seeing blue and brown and other colors.  I’ll find it, and hope it serves her better.  There is always the problem though, that I only had a Ranger in the short CU period (two of them, I loved it so much) and maybe it won’t work as well for her.  She’ll look good, if nothing else.

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