From the Desk Of The Mayor Friday May 11 2018

Exciting stuff!  I’ve been trying most days since January of this year to drop a player city hall on Naboo.   Naboo is pretty impossible to get, because there can only be twenty player cities total on the planet.   Openings are scarce!   I kept trying to drop in the city hall in the spot I’d picked out for months, and all of a sudden, there was a box asking what I’d like to name the city!  Yikes!  Pretty thrilling.

I wanted Naboo because it is new and returning player friendly.  The cost to get to Naboo from Corellia, Tatooine and most other places is minimal.   If you’re an Artisan, this means your customers can get to you easily as well.   Though we haven’t a shuttle, Moenia is just a short trip away.  Theed generally has Doc buffs in the hospital, and the Cantina always seems to be full.  Until we get our own!

In the live game, when it first came out, you could pick from a variety of starter planets and cities.  One of them was Naboo, and Moenia was described as a vibrant community full of artisans and entertainers.  A place of rich ideas and customs.  A city aligned with the Rebellion.  I wanted to set my character there so much, but at the time that spot was not available and I ended up elsewhere.

That is the basis of the community of Star’s Rest, Naboo.   A welcome place for artisans, entertainers, roleplayers, storytellers.  A great place to be a Scout or Ranger to help provide the materials needed by many professions.   A home for anyone who would like a safe place to live in a hostile Galaxy.

The city is about 2500 meters from Moenia with nice beach and mountain views.  Moenia itself can often be misty and a bit dark seeming, but Star’s Rest enjoys a sunnier place to settle down.

I was an interim mayor in the live game. I am finding that starting a city from scratch with  Politician xp slowly slowly trickling in to be quite a challenge.

So far it’s just me and my ever charming spouse.  Please join us, and let’s build that city by the sea.


Star’s Rest Naboo

Established 4/27/18

Mayor Atheren Lightrunner

Affiliated Guild    Scripted Death   (displays as DEATH)

Current City Rank:   2  (Village)   20 Citizens

City Radius 200 meters (around City Hall)

Mission Terminals :  Regular, Artisan, Entertainer, Explorer, Bounty Hunter  (Rebel will be added when Mayor has the Political xp)

Crafting Hall:     Public Crafting Stations (each type is available)

Bank will be added Friday May 18.  100 extra storage for crafters!

Skill Trainers (6) will be added Friday May 25

Militia added Friday June 1st

The City Lights shine for the first time June 8.

Naboo Style Homes Only, we can provide them

There will never be Taxes of any kind.

Nearest NPC City Moenia


Goals :

At least 5 solid citizens to be Militia/City Council.  Help with planning, making people feel welcome, grant zoning rights, answer questions, help with recruitment, run missions with those who request it, share expertise and experiences in the game.   Train anyone who needs it in your professions, know the citizens and who does what so others can also help train or share expertise.


Rank 3 Research City Specialization   (15 more citizens required)

Trainers for all Crafting Professions not located in Moenia, others as desired by Citizens.

Add Resource Vendors in Crafting Hall to provide the basics anyone will need to get started.

Welcome package for Citizens:   Small Round Naboo House (we’ll add maintenance for 100 days.  These take one lot and hold 100 items.)   Swoop.  Crafting Tool set and Survey Devices to get you started.

Will be making factories available for citizen crafters, we’ll give admin on City Factories so you can get started in your craft.

Guild Hunts

Once my Doc is at Master, free buffs, always for Citizens.

Tons more in my notes, but this is a great start.  Lots to do, lots to dream about.


2 thoughts on “From the Desk Of The Mayor Friday May 11 2018

  1. Hehe…Very fun to read through this compared to last time I read about it; our son has started to have a huge interest in Star Wars, so now I can recognize a bunch of names and locations 🙂


  2. You’d need a copy of the game, but you are both most welcome to join us. After playing the game for several years, I found I recognized music in the film that was used for particular things in the game. It is indeed just like stepping into the Star Wars Universe.


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