From The Desk Of The Mayor May 18, 2018

Election Day!

The Mayor gets 750 xp each week, and each citizen vote is worth 300 politician xp.    I miscalculated in a good way.  We now have a bank, six skill trainers, and the ability to assign citizens to the city Militia.

I stopped in Moenia and looked in every nook and cranny to see what trainers were offered before figuring out which ones to place in the city.  Every crafting trainer is there, and a full complement of Entertainer trainers.  There were medics tucked in places beyond the hospital.  I don’t recall such redundancy in Live.

For the city I chose:

Teras Kasi  (None in Moenia)


Creature Handler  (None in Moenia)



Pistols (None in Moenia)

These can be changed anytime.  I found out just how easy it is to pick them up and set them down again.  No matter what direction I faced myself, the trainers all faced north.  I wanted them right by the mission terminals.  I gave up and put them in front of city hall, and they faced north, which looked fine.   A little while later, I had another character going by and the suckers were now all facing south.

I thought dang, if they’re going to re-orient themselves, I’m going to put them back where I wanted them in the first place.   Is the musician trainer cute or what?

The next skill boxes to fill will be Decorations (lights, it’s really dark on Naboo at night), then I’d like to work to get a Faction Terminal.


Notes from this week:

If by chance one of your characters moves their house to the new border (200 meters out from City Hall) and places it just outside the border, the mayor gets an email LOST CITIZEN!  Yikes.  I hate to say I’ve slunk out of a city or two myself over time, and I didn’t think the mayor would notice I was gone.  Oh, yeah.

The character then has their vote removed from the election terminal, and according to the Politician guides, the election is locked during that last week before the election.  I was horrified to lose that 300 points.  She was able to vote though.  All’s well.  Move your houses around carefully.

I picked out the city spot quite awhile ago and tried to subtly mark it’s proposed boundaries with four buildings centered around where the city hall would go.  Someone put a house down right next to my southern marker.  I moved the city location I was trying for east, hoping that that house wouldn’t end up in my borders.

In doing so, I’m too close to the mountains to the east and the ocean to the south for our mission terminals to send you in either of those directions.  It only goes in northerly and westerly directions. It actually simplifies things so you can always just go “any direction” while grouped and it’s not taking you all over the place, it’s a pretty focused area.

On the other hand, now that things are in place, and I am mapping out possible expansion, I’m noticing how wavy the terrain is, and most building will need to go on the west and south sides where it’s flatter.


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