From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday May 25, 2018

This week’s update brings lights to the city.  Though they only light up at night, they make the city more welcoming, and you can see the lights a decent distance from town.

I chose my favorite style lamp (Streetlamp Style 4, Red).  I’m really pleased at how well it goes with the Naboo style buildings.

City Hall

Crafting Hall


Western Border Marker


The next big addition will be a Faction Mission Terminal.   It is a long way up to Martial Policy IV, but I think it’s a better addition than, say, gardens (though I love gardening in the real world).   We can’t add any more of the civic structures such as Cloning Facility without adding more people, and I’d rather we took our time and built a solid community than just trying to add citizens at top speed.

There’s a Rebel Recruiter in Moenia, and it is time for my characters to choose a side in the Galactic Civil War.   Plus, there’s armor and furniture to be had as rewards.  Keep your AT-ST, give me that desk.

The plan for the Star’s Rest Crafting Hall is not just to have the public crafting stations, but offer crafting tools, survey devices, and smaller, affordable amounts of all the resources you’d need to get started crafting.

The first resource vendor is The Galactic Chemist.  Though there are other chemical resources, it has Fiberplast and Inert Petro at this time.   I love the Mon Calamari as vendors, they come in beautiful colors and are fun to dress.

The next one we’ll be gathering resources for will be minerals, I’m thinking concentrating on Steel and Ore at first will be a good start.

My spouse has started the Weaponsmith grind.   I think he’ll like it a lot, as much as he appreciates a good weapon in game, and he loves resource hunting.  It’s a great match.

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