From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday June 1 2018

A quiet week in the Galaxy.  We’ve been working on resource acquisition, adding to the City Treasury, advancing character skill sets.

The road up to our next Politician skill box of note (for that Rebel Mission Terminal) is going to be long.  The mayor gets 750 a week in xp as incumbent, and the second tier of skill boxes cost 2500xp each.  The third box will be 5000 xp and the fourth level is 10,000.

We can add a cantina and hospital, once we have a Master Musician or Dancer (cantina) and a Master Doctor or Combat Medic for a Hospital.  These will enhance the city but aren’t counted as city buildings that draw from the treasury.  All good!  The initial cost of the city at Outpost level with just a City Hall was 35,000 a week.  With the addition of a bank, garage and eight street lights it’s 114,500 per week.  We’ll be fine, but that Research Specialization I’m dreaming of adds 125,000 per week to the city.  Don’t worry, we’re saving up!

I’ve been visiting the other Naboo player cities to see how others do things.   Once I’ve visited everywhere, I’ll post the city names and locations with city specializations.  People are always looking for Improved Job Markets, for instance, and nobody ever seems to know where they are on any given planet.  Hello, neighbor.

Note: In case you wonder about the mayor and her BAG, she’s Master Ranger, Master Rifles and the T21 is her weapon of choice.  It is who the character has always been.

The Live Game Version:

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