From The Desk Of the Mayor Friday June 8 2018

Election Day!  Points enough for two boxes of Martial Policy.  Only that last 10,000 pointer to go and we armor up, and head on out.

There was nice Carvivore Meat on Naboo this week, so we spent some time hunting.  I wish more creatures gave more of the resource, but with my Master Ranger and Veghash it was between 67 units and 135 units per Narglatch depending on how “healthy” they were.   Dreamy Veermok could give 203 each, but they didn’t appear on the terminals for my character, and you had to just come across them, then whack, whack!   I have an old grudge from Live days against Shauputs, and was hoping to hunt those, but 7 units each, bah.

The Carnivore Hunters

I let my Musician run for hours in city hall a couple of days this week.   There is a stage there, all she needs is an audience.   She got a box and 3/4s but I’m hoping to move along faster.   I sent her to cantinas on several planets and couldn’t find an Entertainer group, which I think would double her xp.   I’ll send her out again this weekend.  It’s a good way to get to know people, which we need to do.   Wish her luck!

Playing City Hall

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