From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday June 15 2018

This has been the quietest week ever in the Galaxy, with barely any time to log in at all.

City Report

No citizens added.

No new buildings added.

Weekly maintenance 115,400 credits

Politician xp gained 750

City Map

The original homes are all clustered around city hall tightly because of the 150 meter original city size.   They may look a little chaotic here, but I wanted a more natural looking, flowing cityscape than many I’ve seen where all the homes are in rigid lines.  They look really beautiful as they are, as you approach the city.  The large buildings you see were half in and half out of the city limits before the expansion to 200 meters.  Somehow that northern border seems tighter than the other sides.  It’s supposed to be a circle around the City Hall, but it doesn’t seem like one.

The plan is to put a cantina, hospital and someday shuttleport to the right (east) of City Hall where building may be limited because of the mountains, a Cloning Facility next to the Garage, large and medium Naboo Houses on the west and south sides of town where the land is better for building.  More smalls can go in the east and southeast areas.

Musically Speaking

My Musician found a spot in an Entertainer group in Theed, and rapidly began filling in the Entertainer Healing and Fatigue boxes.  She was getting 13 pts of Musician xp per flourish, but they were playing an early level song.   I don’t mind at all, because I think it is a generous thing built into the game, that everyone will drop down to where the lowest level can play, then move up to new songs as they improve.

I play the game now as I did the live game, so I only play while in a cantina if I can be at the keyboard.  You meet the nicest people in Entertainer groups.

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