From The Desk Of The Mayor Saturday June 23 2018

Zzzzzzz.   An even sleepier week in the Galaxy and Star’s Rest.   My first Friday post missed. I wait till the game updates Friday evenings, then note anything of interest here.

Between you and I, the Mayor was caught up in the 12 Monkeys three hour marathon.  They’re doing three episodes each Friday night for four weeks.  One of the best shows ever, they are going out with every bang imaginable.  See how the real world can interrupt adventures in the Galaxy.

In game, it was vendor restock week.  My Architect and Master Artisan have such deep stocks I listen to podcasts while I re-list items.

My Master Tailor remains a lazy bum who lists almost nothing because I still haven’t got my color charts tweaked just so.  I never had this problem in the live game.  I can also confess, since no one but my spouse reads this, that I understand everyone likes clothing with four sockets (for cloth tape enhancements) and Bioengineer enhanced clothing (my

Bioengineer to be has done nothing towards becoming one) but I just like the pretty colors, myself.

The first ever vendor sale in the city was this week, some fine person bought steel.  Huzzah!

Happy Adventuring!

Atheren Lightrunner

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