From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday June 29 2018

Skill Tree Follies

We’re creeping closer to that Martial Policy IV: Faction terminal box.  With the election this week, I’ve 8250 of the 10,000 points I need for the skill.  Two more weeks, then!

This will give my Pistoleer/Future Smuggler time to get some armor.  She’s pretty in pink, but won’t do well in NPC clashes.  I confess she’s got lots of Scout and is more animal huntress than people huntress.   She’ll have one of my spouse’s Scaly Sorts by her side, which will help immensely, but he wisely always has armor and I can’t let him take all the shots.

Naturally we’re hoping to avoid real people entanglements, but you never know.

MassivelyOp Visits The Galaxy

The most exciting thing in the Galaxy this week was Bree Royce, Larry Everett and MJ from MassivelyOP visiting the Emu to reminisce in honor of the 15th Anniversary of the game that was.

They started out in the Mos Eisely cantina and talked about Entertainer profession memories, then headed out to take on a ronto lair mission for fortune and glory.  This was, as they say, massively entertaining.  Larry appeared to be Brawler/TK, Bree pistols “with most of Scout” and MJ, who had never done combat in the real game, took a few swings with a Survival Knife, with much running and screaming with rontos on her tail.

Then Larry Everett wrote an article about an event he coordinated with the legendary Pex, wherein there were explosions and massive troup attacks, all for role play excitement.

Still thinking about their experiences, and wishing for that never-to-be reboot of the game by an official entity which would update the game, and be more reliably there in the future, Bree asked if people would play if such a thing happened.


The Player Cities of Naboo: Temenos Island

One of the things they said in the Stream was that Temenos Island, Naboo, is run by the same people who ran the live city.  I think that’s what they said…

So I decided I should start my Player Cities of Naboo Tour there.  It’s right in the center of the Naboo map.

It has 104 citizens, and the mayor is Aerea.

It is a metropolis and Research City.

The city radius is a grand 450 meters.  I have to say, when I’m in a metropolis, they seem impossibly huge and sprawling compared to our snuggly 200 meter village.

What a beautiful city.  It is really sort of the ideal vision I have myself for a city.  All Naboo homes, nicely laid out.   Really a fun setting as you step off the shuttle (my screenshot disappeared, just stop by to see what I mean.)

I visited City Hall to get the City Info.  I love a nicely decorated city hall.

Theirs has some of the same casual, sit down and relax atmosphere I’m going for, but it also has a truly impressive mountainous fountain where we have a “stage”.

It appears the Mayor’s Office is used for feasts.

Again my screenshot poofed, but I loved a house that had a sign that advertised “Confidential Investigations, No Infidelity Too Small”.


These pictures are just for me. I thought I didn’t appreciate the in game gardens much (though I love mine in real life), but some of them really did look lovely in the city, so we may eventually add these:


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