From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday July 6 2018

If you’re keeping a tally, still 1000 xp to go until we have a Rebel Mission Terminal.  I only get 750xp a week in non-election weeks, so still slogging.

My Pistoleer in the making (aka the Rodian in Pink) and a Pistoleer my spouse is working on are at about the same level and use the same pistol, so we’re going to reach Master Pistoleer together.  (Ah, Romance) We’re working on Dantooine because all we were getting on Naboo at our level were snakes and bolles.  You can only do so many snakes and bolles.

My Beloved

We have our Dantooine missions agreed upon rules:

Any direction but South (lake in the way).

Take the highest paying mission whatever it may be.

If someone dies we’re done.

A Busy Crafting Week

Lots of re-listing as happens every thirty days.  Gack it’s a pain.  I like to listen to MassivelyOp and The Starting Zone podcasts while I re-stock, but both were not updated this week.   So a gardening one…not the same ambience.

My Architect on live and in the Emu has always loved specializing in furniture.  I have not been able to keep up the furniture stock (or large homes, guild halls and some of the city structures, and factories…) so I’m resorting to making small factory runs, something I don’t like to do, having an RP thing going where she makes handcrafted furniture.  There are dozens of pieces of furniture that an Architect can make, and it’s more important to me to offer everything, so, in the factory they go.   It also helps me be more consistent in naming the furniture.   Often, there are multiple items with the exact same name café table, couch, cabinet.    You can look at the details to see a picture, but I prefer to give them a unique and descriptive name.

My Master Artisan/Master Merchant had lots of re-listing as well, plus she needed to get a full stock of crafting tools.  All done.

The Lazy Little Tailor remains indolent.

On The Border

One day this week I noticed a house where one never was.  It is as close to the border of the city as it can be without being in the city.   We’re not exactly a place you’d pass by.

So I wrote to the person and explained what we are working toward and asked if they are interested in becoming a citizen.   I haven’t heard back yet.

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