From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday July 20, 2018

Election Day!  All the votes are in, and so is our Rebel Mission Terminal.

Yup, it’s always night time on Naboo.  (Joking, only when you want to take screenshots)

As many do, we put down a couple of Tatooine Sun Symbols (The proper name of the statues) that I’m calling Welcome Balls to let people know who to contact to join the city.   I pictured them next to each other so you could read the text on them easily since it didn’t all fit on one ball.  But no.   It wouldn’t let me place them anywhere near each other.  It’s a start.  Maybe a fountain would be better.

If the Welcome Balls help bring in the 15 new citizens we need to advance to the next rank (3) and a  City Research Specialization, then, it’s all good.   Vendors are getting customers so, we do have visitors who might be interested.

The Lazy Little Tailor

At last! This week I started making clothing for the Tailor Shop.   I have a vendor called The Shirt Shop (uninspired, yes, but right next to it is one I like called Cloak and Dagger).

I thought I’d start with shirts.  So.   There are 43 different styles of shirts.  That’s just the shirts.   Most, except the Ithorian Wear, use the main color chart which has 255 colors.  You can see the chart has color names filled in for many colors, done by Tailors from the Official Forums.


I never liked the names they used, so over the years I collected color names from many sources like you wouldn’t believe.  I had maybe three tailors on different live servers, all with their own charts! Agh!   I still have them all.   This time around I wanted to fill in the entire chart and give every shade a name.   I’ve gotten really far, but couldn’t make myself actually make things till I filled it in.   This is how my Tailor became “lazy”.

Here’s mine so far:

I love my color names 🙂    I used as many as I could that seemed to call up images of space or science fiction, or science.   I stole a few from creatures that don’t exist in Star Wars like “Gnome Green”.    A few fantasy world names.

Here’s how I broke my self-made lock on crafting–I make five shirts of each style.  One Black. One White.  Because those are the colors everyone wants.  True.  For the other three, I search my chart and make three others in varying colors.  I feed my color beast, and I’m offering variety.

Color 1 is the shirt’s Main Color, Color 2 is for a small stripe on either side.  I add the name of the colors used on everything, so if someone wants pants to match a shirt, or some other item in a color they liked, it’s easy to tell what the color actually is.   I had someone come in one day wanting a match to a pair of camo pants he had–made by someone else–I could not quite get a match, but if I’d made it, no problem.

Yet another tricksy thing enters in.  I decided I should make a vendor with items that come out with four sockets.  It is totally random whether they come out with four or two or none.  You do want four sockets because there are little looted clothing tapes you can drop onto your clothing that enhance your some of your stats beyond the base otherwise possible.  For me, it would be a waste to just toss anything that doesn’t come out with four.  I did see someone in Genchat say he’d made 32 of the same item before getting a four socket one.  Nope, I think my way is a good compromise.   I used the funky little Treadwell Droid vendor for “Four Socket Attire”.

We’ll see how sales do once I get a nice selection up.

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