From The Desk Of the Mayor Friday July 27, 2018

Climbing the Politician Ladder

No new skills this week.  Next week it will be City Customizations 3 which is Small and Medium Gardens.  I suspect the nice ones I’ve seen elsewhere are larges.  After getting that skill box next week, the rest of the Politician xp will fill in boxes we can’t use without advancing to Rank 3.

Welcome Balls

They certainly haven’t attracted any interest.  I wanted to add more lights near them, but we’re at the max with ten for our size.  Then I tried to just move the two near it around and all I kept getting was a message No Building Permitted here.  Luckily it finally let me set it back down.


We have several million in the Treasury, so no problem that the added lamps and balls have weekly Maintenance at 129500.

My spouse, the Best Spouse Ever said he’s been putting in 100k a week, so what can I do but match that.

Welcome to The Rebellion

We were dying to try out the Rebel Missions.  It’s been so long since I worked on the Galactic Civil War aspects of the game.

Off to the Rebel Recruiter in Moenia

We chose the option which let us fight NPCs only, not people.

I’m working with my Ranger/Master Rifles/Mayor and my spouse sent out a Master Pistoleer  (named after a character in the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer).   It was a little different working Rifles/Pistols instead of the Pistols/Pistols we had been leveling together with other characters.

You have Rifles, you pull, he said.

Next thing you know he’s barreling on in and shooting the place up.   While I stand at range (max 65 meters but less depending on the fight) going plink, plink, plink taking them out.  No damage to me.

We got this.


My Rodian in Pink is going to fade into the background while she works on her last Pistols box.  I’m sending her back to Jabba’s Palace, which ended badly when a “Weak Mercenary” wasn’t so weak.

She may have only had the first row of Pistoleer filled in back then, so I’m sure she’ll take care of the Weak One this time around.   Her secondary profession will be Smuggler.

Before she hits Jabba’s she’s doing the quests for Mat Rags in Mos Espa which will get her the Master Hunter’s Trophy (the big skull shown on the ground in front of him).


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