From The Desk of the Mayor Friday August 3, 2018

Get out the garden shovel and trowel, we can now have Medium Sized Gardens.   I just need a certain furry Architect to make some for us.  Maybe I could replace the Welcome Balls with nice swaying trees.

For The Rebellion!

My Spouse, who was revealed last week to be The Best Spouse Ever (well, it’s been known for longer than that) for putting 100k a week into the City Treasury, out did himself and put in 2 million this week.

He’s been working ahead of my character and his Ithorian cutie with another character of his.  Not only has he made a bundle, but he’s a Colonel in the Rebellion.   When he has a goal, he meets that goal, and fast.  He also decided to do the Rebel Theme Park, a way to get lots of Faction points and some good rewards.

He met Han Solo, his favorite Star Wars character.

Remember Your Failure At The Cave

I, who haven’t worked on my Rebel skills this week, thought I could go do the Theme Park.  I have great memories of doing that, and the Cries of Alderan during the Live game.  And I wanted a Rebel Banner for City Hall.

Off to Corellia.   4,000+ meters overland and I arrive at the Rebel Hideout.

Everyone seems happy to see me.

Everyone except C3PO who is all snitty and doesn’t want to talk to me.

I suppose I’m not the first low life weasel to think they could saunter in and talk to The Princess.  That’s why they have Rebel Mission terminals outside so you can get yourself a bit of a reputation with the Rebellion.  I’d rather shoot at Stormies from the comfort of home.   Maybe next week.

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