From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday September 14, 2018

Politician   Nothing to see here!


The Shirt Shop is getting stocked.  Not much luck on four socket pieces.   There are a few ugly shirts in the schematics, but I’m making everything anyway.

Figure A  Ugly  Leather Trim Shirt


There are many nicer shirts!  The Light Bustier looks good with everything.

The Formfitting Undershirt looks good with armor, and always reminds me a little of chainmail.


For The Rebellion!

I was out running Rebel Missions at last.  No safety blanket Spousal Unit,  just my Ranger and her trusty T21.   You’ve got to get the ones who have wandered away from the others first, staying at full range.  Then you end up getting four of them, and you run in circles so they can’t knock you down, bleed or dizzy you.  A lot of bleeding did go on.

Although you’re supposed to do the Banner last, I often seemed to target the banner with tab targeting before everyone was down.  Tsk.  Never fear, the banner paid for it big time later.

For my efforts I received a grand promotion.

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