From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday September 21 2018

Greetings!  It’s Election day with City Customization IV selected as the next skill.  This allows Large and Exotic Gardens.  Two boxes to Master Politician, each box requiring 10000 skill points.


For your entertainment, my magnum opus, seven years in the making:

Everything I Need To Know About MMOs I Learned From Star Wars Galaxies


A living world where people have homes and live in cities they build themselves with a host of other good folk is possible.

The world you live in and create is better with other people adventuring side by side.

The more Classes in a game, the better.

A deep crafting game draws a loyal player base of skilled, dedicated, creative folk.

Everyone should be able to have a home in the world, right away.

Riding is faster than walking.

You can make millions!

Travel to other planets is possible.

Wounds can be healed instantaneously and the dead can be brought to life.

Music and dance make any world a better place.

Even the tiniest creatures can be deadly.

Resources and treasures are everywhere.

Exploration is encouraged and rewarded.

Hard work and training allow you to master anything, and it is possible for you to be the very best.

You can play the game any way you want.

You can be absolutely anything you want to be.

Decorating your home is a mini-game. Just like real life.

Don’t become attached to the people you meet if you don’t already know them. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about how the game is built.

Don’t believe you know the developers from their forum posts, don’t overanalyze what they say.

Go easy on the Community Relations staff. They’re a valuable communication bridge between player and game makers.

Player Correspondents were a brilliant idea. These were players who knew the game or a profession or class really deeply, and who were willing to write guides and answer questions served a term and then passed the baton to another voice.  The notion of a correspondent, someone in the field reporting on the game and giving voice to player concerns worked superbly.  A wise game has Player Correspondents.

Official Forums are essential, providing a place for feedback in a civil and useful manner under the auspices of those who created the game.

Be wise enough to figure out a base player population for a game. Write the game and make all additions and changes to the game to appeal first to those players, while adding enhancements based on feedback from the players, and reviews of the game both good and bad to draw in new players.   Add more of the good, try to make changes that undo the bad.

Combat is the weakest element of any game. Do not make large changes to the game to suit a new style of combat.


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