From The Desk Of The Mayor Friday September 28, 2018


Still at a crawl.  4500 of 10000 xp needed for the next box.   All is smooth in the city.

Apparently my Magnum Opus didn’t garner any excitement last week.  Tsk, tsk.  Great stuff, there.

From the Archives

In a series of notes I copied from the forums after the NGE, I found this, which is pretty interesting since there are in fact, lo these many years later, lots of SWG Emulators:

On someone else making a pre-CU server:
Ok. Without engaging in the obvious “we’ll bust out our lawyers and sue people” rhetoric let me be blunt – if someone can write a SWG server emulator that’s any good please apply for a job here because you have to be pretty damn good. You also better be able to know SQL pretty well and have an oracle database and a ton of other important stuff. This emulator stuff is nothing more than a hobby for some really smart people. You don’t seriously think we’re worried about this do you (and I mean that in a very positive way btw)? I take it as the ultimate compliment. Now, if some genius ever actually pulled it off.. well that would be another matter entirely. In EverQuest a couple of really smart guys made something called ShowEQ which basically showed off a bunch of stuff we didn’t intend for players to see. I ended up hiring the key developer of that program. He’s a really smart programmer named Roy Eltham. He actually broke our encryption. He’s still here.

On a more positive note, here’s a guide to Explorer Badges from Tandy (no more than that is noted, and I’m not sure of the era, or if it matters).

Explorer Badges

Guide Author:  Tandy
Starting Location:  Any planet
Faction Requirement:  None


This guide gives waypoints and tips for receiving the Explorer Badges and gaining the title of Master Explorer.


Master Explorer is a title granted to those who complete all of the Explorer badges. Explorer badges are gained by visiting certain POIs (Points of Interest) that are listed in your data pad, on the POI tab. There are forty-five badges, and they are spread across all seven planets.

In most cases you don’t have to do anything other than fly over the POI. In a few cases you have to exit your vehicle and enter a cave or building. You can safely enter most caves, even those where the inhabitants are red to you, as long as you do not attempt to engage them in battle. You are not required to kill any NPCs or creatures to get any of the badges, although in some cases you will find that there are hostiles in the area of the POI who will attack on sight.

Quite a few of the badges are not awarded at the actual coordinates the POI tab gives you. Instead, it will have shifted somewhat, to a point nearby. In the case of the Agrilat Swamp and the Krayt Graveyard, it’s shifted a good deal. If you do not get the message that you were awarded the badge when you reach the waypoint, fly around the general area, as slowly as possible. I’ve listed the exact waypoints where I received my badges. This may differ somewhat, however, from server to server.


Agrilat Swamp (1389, 3756)
Corsec Base (5291, 1494)
Crystal Fountain (6760, -5617)
Grand Theatre ( -5421, -6212) On Vreni Island.
Rebel Hideout (-6584, 5915) Near the door into the hideout.


Abandoned Rebel Base (-6836, 5520)
Dantari Rock Village (-7185, -893)
Dantari Village (-3856, -5708)
Jedi Temple (4258, 5374) Near the staircase in the ruins.


Downed Ship (5585, 1903) This is not listed on the data pad as a POI.
Escape Pod (-4446, 596)
Greater Misty Falls (3017, 1287)
Imperial Prison (-6091, 1016)
Lesser Misty Falls (3562, 1557)
Sarlacc Pit (-2091, 3177)
Tarpit (653, -4888)


Dulok Village (5921, -2514)
Ewok Lake Village (1578, -3271)
Ewok Tree Village (4661, -2425)
Marauder’s Stronghold (-4838, -2339)


Great Kimogila’s Skeleton (4572, -1114)
Imperial Outpost (-1785, -3087)
Mount Chaolt (3091, -4638)


Amidala’s Beach (-5828, -93)
Dejja Peak Waterfall (-5165, -1655) At the head of the falls.
Gungan Sacred Place (-2000, -5429)
Theed Waterfall (-4627, 4207)


Imperial Encampment (-5651, -5660)
Imperial Hyperdrive Facility (-1070, 4542) Run inside and down the corridor.
Kobala Spice Mine (7372, 116) Down the corridor inside the mine.
Rebel Outpost (3669, -6586) This outpost has a starport so you might consider
starting here.


Lost Aqualish Warparty Cave (-4268, -1432) The Aqualish outside the cave will
attack, so it helps to arrive buffed and ready to kill them.
Imperial Outpost (-2193, 2494)
Imperial vs Rebel Battle (-2595, 3724)
Lost Village of Durbin (4300, 1020)


Ancient Krayt Skull (-4632, -4346)
Ben Kenobi’s Hut (-4512, -2270)
Escape Pod (-3931, -4397)
Fort Tusken (-3980, 6311) This is actually the pool beneath the fort. Find the door to the entrance, then run inside, hang a right, and keep going until the badge activates.
Great Pit of Carkoon (-6169, -3387) You are likely to get diseased flying over this POI.
Krayt Graveyard (7468, 4489) Activates at the far end of the valley.
Lars Homestead (-2579, -5500)

Yavin IV

The Temple of the Blueleaf (-976, -2039)
The Temple of Exar Kun (5163, 5539) Run inside to the first room.
Woolamander Palace (467, -893)

I think I’ll put the useful guides and notes I have here each week, and avoid the many NGE notes and posts I’ve saved, because, you know, I’m on a pre-CU emu, where that horror show never happened. La la la la.

See you next week, Atheren

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