From The Desk of The Mayor Friday October 26, 2018

No post last week, alas, as servers were down for maintenance and some updates.   The new City Updates will be on Saturdays so I’ll move the weekly post to that day starting next week.

When the update does arrive tomorrow, we’ll be at 3500 of the 10,000 needed for the last Politician box.

I was hoping from the Patch notes that the spawns around cities would be restored to live server levels.  Meaning, for instance, if you didn’t want to fight Kooks and Meatlumps around Coronet, you could spend your time killing Corellian butterflies instead.

Advantages to killing butterflies included getting Scout XP for harvesting from them, and you don’t accrue any long term hatred from them as you do from killing the NPCs.

I was incorrect about that bit.   I did send my Bothan Brawler with One Handed 1 over that way just in case. No butterflies.   Note: Mos Entha is still a good place to get low level creatures for xp and Scout skill, just outside the city.


It was a great week for resources.   We got over 2 million in Copper with 1000 conductivity.   We sell most of what we gather, but not this one, my precious.

To make up for a lack of a post last week, here are some random screenshots.



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