This Week In The Galaxy

So, what happens when it’s Thanksgiving Week in the real world and all your in-laws are coming over?  You don’t play much.

This means that nice spawn you’ve been hoping for pops up and is already five days into the resource spawn by the time you’re looking again.

This means all your vendors have dropped their wares into the Stockroom, so you’ll need to re-list hundreds of items.  Have a podcast handy!

This means you’ve been cleaning, organizing and rearranging so much (real world) you’re still kind of jumpy-jumpy and you decide it’s a good time to relocate your Architect’s vendors from their original location outside of Coronet to Star’s Rest Naboo.

Move her crafting hall as well with 260 items in it.  (You can carry 130 at a time…leave room for a travel ticket).

I did the Crafting Hall in two trips this morning.  Moving the Vendors last night took dozens of trips to Coronet, then Moenia, then Star’s Rest.   I finished about 1 am.   zzzzzzzz.

I hadn’t wanted to move my Architect to Naboo when we first set up the city in April.   My Architect had an established customer base,  and lots of income which helped fund the City’s early days.

Now, my spouse drops millions in the City treasury, and my Master Artisan/Master Merchant Dustbunnie has a successful resource/component/craft supply biz to take care of everything else.

Another reason I hadn’t wanted to move is my little merchant tent was just so perfectly decorated, cozy, inviting.  A good way to sell homes and furnishings.

Also, my Art Vendor had come out to be just a gorgeous wookiee, with golden and soft green fur.   The sweetest face.  I’ve never seen such coloring and knew I couldn’t reproduce it.

I tried for at least an hour.  These are a few of the fur colorings and goofy faces that didn’t make the grade.





I settled for one finally that wasn’t too scary.

Just look at that jaunty Ithorian girl.   I’ll need some new clothes for them, then I will take the time to get a full stock of everything.   I couldn’t keep up with Guild Hall and Large Home sales near Coronet, but there should be a lull.

Our city is just about exactly the same distance from Moenia than the shops were outside of Coronet.   There were tons of other vendors, and big malls around Coronet, but I was always busy.   In the Moenia area, it isn’t so high traffic, so we shall see how it all goes.  Certainly people find the vendors we have already.  It should be good.

Last, I moved the bank to accommodate a Merchant tent next to the public crafting hall/main vendor location.

I also removed the offending Welcome Balls, replacing it with a Welcome Head.


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