This Week In The Galaxy

My Architect’s move to Naboo continues to be a really good thing.  No sales, yet, but I’m working on stocking all the Guild Hall types, and it’s kind of nice not to have them sell as soon as I put them out.

I set down a guild hall for her which will house all her non-furniture resources.   You can’t appreciate it if you’ve never dealt with terrain problems and setting down buildings, but I placed her Structure Factory right on the doorstep of the Hall.

Furniture, she’ll make in her Small Naboo House.   I like having one half be her “home” and the other half is for crafting.

This is the first time this character has actually had her own snuggly house.

After a rough day looking for vegetables on Dathomir, she can come home and be safe.


Her vendors are all dressed up and ready to go.



My Chef in-the-making  got back to Novice Chef this week, and now it’s Soypro to Deserts 1.    I had forgotten it looked like fake vomit.


We’re in the Christmas mood!  My husband has a character stationed at Vreni Island watching for the Wookiee Life Day Wookiee to appear.  Once he’s available with the Life Day Quest,  we’ll send all our characters to Endor for the paintings.  This year I’ll let my two wookiees get their Red Life Day Robes (the two that don’t have them).

All of the vendors in the Craft Hall are in Holiday gear.   I was going to replicate the traditional “Santa Suit” with Warm Hat, Scout Jacket, Striped Pants and Snow Boots.


Then I thought, hey, they’re all female, why not a Santa Skirt?   I love them!   The Twi’lek can’t wear the Warm Hat, but her Grand Twi’lek Headpiece looks festive.

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