This Week In The Galaxy


Sales have been slow this month.  I’m noticing that the number of logins to the game are unusually low as well.  There may be new games out there taking people out of their galactic lives.


Resource spawns have been good, and it’s hard to get a sampling of what’s out there.  If there’s a resource with OQ at 1000, we toss all the harvesters we can on it.   What we’ve been trying to provide is a bit of everything you’d need to get started crafting.   We also try to get some of the profession specific resources as spawns appear with decent stats.

That said, my Architect went out this morning to find a nice spawn of really junky steel, which she uses to make structural modules and walls.   She’s made so many lately trying to super stock her vendors that she has come close to running out of steel.

Wookiee Life Day

It has begun!  Yesterday I sent all but four of my characters to Endor to talk to the Wookiees.

Usually, I send the combat characters first, but this year I started with my Musician.


The last two characters of the day got popped off their bikes and incapped several times by Mereks of various sorts.   They have those creepy old man faces on spider bodies.   Yech.

I took a break from trips to Endor today and will get the last few tomorrow.


Dusty Out and About

My husband took some screenshots while blasting his way through the Galaxy, as only he can.   He’s pretty fearless, I love he’s capturing some of the action.


Musician Progress

My Musician spent time in the Theed Cantina this week, and got all of the Entertainer Healing boxes filled pretty quickly.   Then I sent her home to work on the purely Musician XP boxes.

It hadn’t occurred to me to have her make musical instruments for xp, but she gets 115 xp for each one in Practice Mode compared to 12 points per flourish playing her new Bandfill.  Thanks to the guy in GenChat giving that advice out.

What a strange little instrument.  While playing her new song “Funk” on the Bandfill, it sounds like there’s some base drum or something thumping along.  And she picked up a new move.



Other Progress:

My Tailor got her first box of Entertainer Level Image Design while waiting for Shuttles and Ships to get the Life Day Paintings.

My Pistoleer was originally going to be a Weaponsmith, then a Bounty Hunter.  She is qualified for Novice Bounty Hunter, but I had decided to make her a Smuggler instead.  I thought it was all pistols (boink!) but no no no.   The Smuggler Trainer also wanted her to have Unarmed 4 from Brawler.   Sinking feeling!  The first couple of boxes of Unarmed go pretty fast, then its a dire slog, particularly that last box, Unarmed 4.   So, Vynocks (she was hunting on Talus).   It felt like it took ten minutes to kill each one.   Dying here.

Note on Vynocks:  They, along with Corellian Butterflies, used to be the creatures you’d kill a million of just outside Coronet to level up.  Somehow we have a family phrase that pops up still from those days:    Why not a Vynock?


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