Star Wars Galaxies Christmas Party and The Galaxy This Week

My ever social spouse who hangs out in Mos Eisely for buffs got an invited to a party!   I invited my character along, because, why not.

I made his Dancer character a bunch of outfits to mix and match while he danced.   He got screenshots of two versions of the classic Santa outfit.  He’s so adorable!

I found an Image Designer to change my character from deep purple to green (we couldn’t quite see a pink coloring like my Rodian in Pink Pistoleer, so I went green to match the Christmas outfits).

We were there early, and practiced our routines.   I’ve never been to a party in Star Wars Galaxies, not on live or till now.   I didn’t know what to expect.

There was a festively decorated cantina, Chance Cubes being given out for a Drawing later (?), a Lottery Droid, and boxes out front with Santa hats.   Inside musicians were playing (I got some nice xp), and Dancers were dancing.    I loved the “Christmas Tree”, and found the big piano amazingly clever.

At some point, I brought my Tailor over to make complete costumes for anyone who needed some more festive wear.    Then I had to do the awkward traveling two characters through the Galaxy home.    I must mention my spouse saw my Tailor making clothes for people at the party and he didn’t know it was my character.   Then this morning, it turned out he couldn’t name a single character of mine, even the one whose two blogs he reads.  Zzzzzzzz.    I know all his characters.   I guess that’s why I’m the Mayor.


Dusty Shots

My beloved’s lizard Dusty is off doing the Rebel Themepark this week.   It’s his second character to go through, and I haven’t managed one.






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