The Galaxy This Week

It’s a slow week between the holidays.  We’re taking a break from Resource Hunting. Let’s hope there’s nothing really good out there!

I’ve begun the process of putting my vendors back in non-holiday out fits.  It’s kind of putzy!   The only way to get the hats off of their heads is to put on a hooded cloak with the hood up.   This takes the place of the hat that was there.  It also removes the jackets, which would otherwise just cover any shirt you put on.   Then they all need a full new outfit.  I did my Tailor’s vendors, now I have the ten in the Crafting Hall.

I worked on Unarmed Brawler tonight with my Smuggler wannabe.   First, a chuba to loosen up the old arms.   When you gaze at the Chuba, the Chuba gazes at you.

I decided to start working towards Rebel Faction.  In case I died right off, I changed from my armor to a casual outfit.

My luck was good, the Pirates and their ilk went right down.

Even against multiple foes.

Progress in Brawler tonight: made Unarmed II

Also, a noble career with the Rebellion has begun:

I’m partially moved to do some Rebel Mission work to catch up with my thoroughly rebellious spouse.   I’ll let the Mayor use her Rebellion faction points for armor and furniture, while the Rodian in Pink will be your go-to-girl for Rebel faction points.

Dusty Notes

Speaking of..he’s reached the upper echelons of the Rebellion on his second character.


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