Coming Soon, or Eventually!

For the blog, I’m going to be adding a real sidebar.  There are still some active and archived sites with Star Wars Galaxies guides and information.  If you know of any active sites I don’t have, let me know.

Pages    I’m hoping to add “pages” at the top.   One will be “Lest We Forget” with all of the posts and articles I’ve copied over time on the NGE.   I’ll link to anything that’s still out there somewhere.

Very long term, I’ll add a page for each of my crafters, and the items they can make, with pictures, and items which can be used for decor in homes and shops, whether they were intended as such or not.   Also on this list once I get an Image Designer to max will be a picture of as many of the Image Design options as possible, so, if you came to my ID, for instance, you could say, this style, this coloring.

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