This Week In The Galaxy

Virtually no play time in all of January.  Hoping February allows a bit more.

Small progress, my Smuggler-to-be made Unarmed 3 tonight.  One more box and it’s Novice Smuggler and all Pistols xp all the time.  Had to drop two boxes of trapping in Scout (I didn’t need anyway) to get Brawler Unarmed 3.  Eeek next I’ll have to drop some of my Marksman (she’s Master Marksman).  Oh well.

I’m working Rebel Missions with her.  She now has a glorious 172 Rebel Faction.  Next thing you know she’ll be working for the Man In Moenia.  Or Creature, as it can be on any given day.

Restocked from the stockroom on all vendors, but no new materials added at all.   Soon (Tm).

I had my Musician playing in the background.  I couldn’t figure out why she kept stopping.  It turns out she’s burning her action up at the higher levels.   Yay.  Sort of.

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