This Week In The Galaxy 3/22/19


Still slow.  It’s all good, though, because one of the things making Galaxies The Greatest Game Ever (especially with ten characters) is, that there are so many other professions to work on, resources to harvest and hunt (thanks to the ever shifting list of available resources), you can never be bored.  Not me, anyway, not ever.

Smuggle Me This

Smuggling is weird, but cool.   I managed to get the first box of slicing pretty easily thanks to the nice pile of Locked Containers my spouse has gathered over time.

I had a live game Smuggler on some server I don’t recall, who was having a great time slicing people’s weapons just hanging around the Coronet Bazaar.  Anything was nice for people with started weapons from the bazaar, and the slicing was free from my character.  It seemed like a cool thing to be able to make people happy while getting xp.

Celestiana, my original Smuggler

I think I could do that here too, when my character is more advanced.  Maybe. It’s a rough crowd on the EMU.

There’s a mini-game for slicing containers where you choose a Red Thread or Blue Thread to snip first.  The result is random and if you choose unwisely, your container is useless.  Successfully opening a container gives a generous 250 xp each, so that first box is pretty fast.

It reminded me of a similar way of hacking for an old rpg, I can’t recall if it was System Shock 2 or Half Life (original).  Still, it has that spy/hacker vibe.

When I got to the Terminals slicing box, there were more options and things looked a whole lot more complicated.  This caused me to look for smuggler tips, and voila, the Molecular Clamp (which you can use early but not make till Slicing 4) tells you which wire to snip first.  Yay!  I bought 5 crates of 25 clamps and headed to Paradox, Tatooine, ready to get big money for missions!

When you slice the terminal, your first mission select screen gives you missions with much larger payouts.   After the first screen, it’s normal payouts, so I’m assuming you’d need to slice the terminal again.   I should say this character is one half box short of Master Pistoleer.  If Master, payouts would be higher?   This is all new.   I talked my spouse into working a character to Smuggler because I know he’d love those higher mission payouts.   Once he’s there’ we’ll get some numbers from Mr. Math.

Greed monster that I am, I tried a 21k Dragonet mission.  Har har.   Using a Geonosian Blaster with a 45m range (you have to be that close) I did the first round of the lair.  Connection problems didn’t help.

After the first tap for round two, oops, they all came at me because they can detect you at about 58 meters.   Incapped, deathblowed, ouch.

Speaking to my Pistoleer meister spouse, he recommended trying a Republic Blaster which would let me shoot from further back to pull, then switch to the Geonosian blaster once I  hopefully had mask scent up and got a manageable number of creatures.   I’ll also try something a little less deadly next time.

Creature Handler/Bioengineer

Creature Handler is another class I tried out in the live game in the Combat Upgrade period.   I might have even had my Tailor be the one to try it out.   What I really wanted to do was get to the Mount taming part, but never did.

Bioengineer, I tried in the NGE.  My spouse actually liked sampling, and took my character out at first in easy places, then next thing you know he was on Lok trying Kimogilas (which can’t be sampled, but he died a few times trying).  Always the danger-meister, that one.   The fun thing with Bioengineer was, you could create pets to sell, plus, adorably, you could set them in your house as décor.  They didn’t walk around, but they did move and could seem like they greeted you when you came home. So cute!  Plus, if you were selling them, they made a nice model so people could see what your stock looked like.

I have made good progress over the last week or so in Medic Med Crafting.  Once that fourth box of medic is done, it’s another 10000 to Novice Bioengineer.

Creature Handling –I could use a better guide than I’ve seen.  I’m not sure which boxes I should fill first, or quite how I should be getting xp other than having my pet fight with me.   I think I’m supposed to be having them do tricks and training them to do the same three commands over and over for more xp (I get 500 for each creature kill), but that’s a little boring.

The Bioengineer is actually a more practical profession to work on, because she can make enhancements my Tailor and Chef can use.


I’m working on the last box of music technique.   I have been setting her to play in the background whenever I have another character working  working on something.    I’m not that person to leave her afking 24 hours a day till she gets there.  Once that box is full, just three boxes, and she’ll be Master Musician, and  she can place a Cantina.   I haven’t a name for it yet, but I know right where I want it to go in the city.   I also plan to sell musical instruments there, and my eventual Chef vendor will be there as well.


I am in full craft mode here. Tailor has always been one of my favorite professions.   I’ve got all the shirts represented in my Shirts vendor (Except Ithorian shirts), and I created a vendor for pants called One Leg At A Time, and am well along the list of pants you can make, again, except Ithorian clothing…that’s it’s own vendor and color chart for later.

I’ve a components vendor I called Costumer’s Workshop.  It will have all of the things a Tailor needs to craft.   I’ve a character on Rori getting Rori Vegetable Fungus, of all things, needed for a specific clothing piece.

Usefully, as I make some of the lower level clothing which gives General Crafting XP, I’m filling the box towards Novice Armorsmith.

I know Bone Armor is sneered at, but I’m going to work on that first, to help me learn the craft (another I tried in the CU period).  Then we’ll move up.

I found some old pictures from the Live Game of my Atheren Ranger, and updated current Atheren’s look.

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