This Week In The Galaxy 4/12/19

While placing harvesters, my Creature Handler spotted a Veermok Sentry Baby.   So exciting!   I had my Ranger come and take out the lair, then I tried to tame the little guy.

I failed six times, but kept trying, wondering if he was over my level for taming.   Suddenly, in the middle of another taming try, a lair of aggressive snakes spawned nearby.  I ran for it, not noticing right away that I’d succeeded, and the little Veermok was now my baby and had followed me.

Naturally, I sent him into combat with some harmless Ikopis nearby.  Bammo, he’s on the ground, incapped in one shot.   Guilt, guilt.  Poor bud.   Same thing happened on the next try.  I’ll have to take him to Mos Entha where there are lower level creature spawns.

He’s adorable.  When I can name him (can’t yet), he’ll be called Nibbles.   Yup, he does have an “extra” smiley face.

My spouse is moving up the Smuggler tree, and is slicing weapons.  We found he needed, and I could make, Weapon Upgrade Kits.   It’s fun to be useful.

Sinome has that Musical Techniques box, and one more box to go.  225,000 points though.   Then we have a cantina, which I’m looking forward to decorating.   I drew a map of it, and  where everything would go.   In the live game I had a Med Center, but never a cantina.

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