This Week In the Galaxy April 27, 2019

The Starlight Tavern is open for business!   After midnight on the 19th, so all very dark.

The new city skyline at night.

A few tunes.

Now working towards Master Dancer.

Poplock is odd.

Another TC Prime Event

Celebrating the city’s first anniversary (no doubt), Basilisk is down today to add in Pub 10.

In a TC Prime event, world TEF was plinked into the server.  I sent my Pistoleer/Smuggler who has some Rebellion points.   It was a bloodbath.   The Coronet Starport was full of Jedi and others incapping and killing everyone coming through.   I did make it out the starport door.

Before dying.

Off to the Cloner.

Which was full of Imps who killed everyone as they stepped out.   This is why I don’t pvp, really.  Because this peeved me, and I stepped out, targeted a guy who was meditating, got off a couple shots.  Cloned, bang again, ha, got him and another guy who complained you couldn’t peacefully meditate in the cloner.  When I came out again, surrounded by four guys.   A bad end for the Rodian In Pink.


SOS if you’re out there, Rebels, the Alliance needs help with the dread Empire.

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