This Week In The Galaxy May 3, 2019

This week it’s all about the art of the Dance.  It’s sort of fun getting the new dances and seeing them play out.   I had been thinking while working on Musician as well as on Dance that it would be fun to have macros for each song and dance, because the Flourish animations vary by song and dance.  I could spend some time really watching them, and create macros that compliment each.

It seems to me there used to be a nice guide for Musicians that did something like that, and I haven’t been able to find it online, nor in my vast notes or copies of pages.

For Dance, there is a spectacular guide still available called Sultrina’s Guide to Dancing

It does really what I was wishing for and more.   I don’t see why some of what she says can’t be applied to Musician.

I am impressed with some of the Dance choreography.   You never hear how they worked on that while making the game.  Is there any other game that has such a feature?

Sinome doing Tumble 2

She’s not quite the accomplished Dancer, so there are stumbles.

Goals for the next week:

Continue Dance progress.

Get Intermediate Firearms, Weaponsmith.

Continue leveling Doctor, including Medicine crafting.

Creature Handler/Bioengineer,  any progress is good.

Restock, restock, restock.

The current resource push is for Doctor resources, so Tatooine Fiberplast is in the Hoppers and some Dantooine Herbivore Meat is being harvested.  I forgot what fun Pikets can be.


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