This Week In The Galaxy May 17, 2019

I made progress only on my Dancer this week.   She’s moving along nicely towards Dancing Knowledge 4.

The Dance of the Week was Tumble2.  As I suspected, it’s a dangerous dance.  I let Sinome dance all day on Mother’s Day, checking in now and then.  She spent quite a while in each area, but she did always move onward and upward.

I stopped her here, so she didn’t also end in a lair as I’d envisioned last week!


Still Got Those Rose Colored Glasses!

With all the Emulator news and talk lately, I looked up some early reviews of Star Wars Galaxies.  I could only find a couple, and I’ve probably read them in the past, but they were surprising to me somehow.   As I read them I thought, these guys were really coming from a different point of view than those of us who came to Galaxies as their first online game.   Everyone I met in game loved the game.  They loved Star Wars.   They read all the books, watched all the films.  They were smart, funny, super-fans who rarely broke character.   People built cities, went on cantina crawls, large groups went creature hunting on the Adventure Planets, Rebels and Imperials raided each other’s bases.

After playing in the emulator for the Pre-Combat Upgrade era for several years, I absolutely feel the same about the game as I ever did.  It just needs those super-fans to return.

IGN generally liked the game, though the reviewer found the “grind” to level repetitive.

Gamespot was disappointed in the game, spending quite a bit of time saying you could find many features in other similar games, though he mentions none except Dark Age of Camelot and Everquest towards the end.  Neither of those seem anything like Galaxies to me.   The reviewer does give a good breakdown of the game and it’s features, grudgingly.   The article contains the worst, fuzziest screenshots I’ve ever seen.



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