This Week In the Galaxy May 31, 2019

After a power outage here, Windows wouldn’t load.

Then Windows wouldn’t re-install from a disk.   There I was, able to play other games on my gaming laptop, but not Galaxies.   If my computer was truly dead, my time in Star Wars was done.   It’s a helpless feeling, having four sets of game discs, and maybe never playing again.  My laptop has no CD Drive.  And I’m not torrenting Jack or his buddy.

Then POOF.  A Wipe, just like in a raid!  I didn’t realize it was an option, I just thought the pc was dead dead dead.   Luckily, I’m married to Mr. PC.  The original Computer Guy.

It was ALIVE!  I installed Galaxies right away.  Logged in, checked vendors, checked homes and factories, ahh, the world as it should be.

We decided it was a good time to upgrade to Windows 10.   I have it on my laptop.  I think it stinketh.  Still.   There were problems with the upgrade, oh noooo.  Spouse uninstalled Galaxies.   I was a little touchy about the whole thing by then.  So I snapped pics of the screens that play while you install the game.   They give you such a feel for what adventures are to come.

Voila. A simpler time.  Sorry about the screen glare.  It does set the story nicely.




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