This Week In The Galaxy June 9, 2019

I planned to start out the week getting back on track with my Dancer.    My toolbar was messed up, but that happens, no problem.

What did happen and is a BAD thing, is all my macros are gone.  Poof.  I’ll have to re-write everything.  Momeeeeee.  Better yet, I have a notebook for each character, and an old, longer macro for dance I had written on lined paper has gone poof also.  I bet I can’t blame that on Windows 10, which hides everything.  Including the screenshot I took of my sad, empty macro tab.

I’ll have to dig through my paper piles and everyone else’s notebook, but grr.

On a positive note, I made some nice sales, and some 1000 OQ Domesticated Oats are still going on Yavin 4.  There are always good things.


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