This Week In The Galaxy

I found my screenshots! Yay!

This week I’m working on Fusion Power supplies, both for ourselves and for a vendor I set up when we were surrounded by harvesters.  Gotta have the useful stuff.   Mr. Big also has been gathering power so we can be out there in force for the next big thing.

My Architect buys her harvesters from the glorious Kilo on Tatooine, but I have been slowly getting her the resources she needs to make her own as well.  I try to have 20 of each type on hand, but there are times when something is really great, and several characters will be out gathering.  Because of the citizenship requirement of each character owning a home in the city, everyone only has nine lots to spare for harvesters (the small round Naboo is only one lot).  I like round numbers though, so 20 of each harvester type.

I am pouring over Sultrina’s Dance School so I can create a macro that really uses the moves and flourishes to best effect.   Anyone who has dismissed the dancers and musicians of the Galaxy needs to see what can be done by the clever and imaginative players that have come before.

Mr. Big assures me if this pc goes belly up, I can get a attachable cd drive for my laptop, and stay in the Galaxy.

Have a good week!

Atheren Lightrunner


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