Atheren’s Galaxies: Spotlight On Naboo: NPC Cities

Naboo has five NPC cities which have Starports, Trainers, Cantinas, Hospitals, Banks, Bazaars.   From my beloved Prima Guide to Star Wars Galaxies, maps and particulars of the cities.  For the Pre-NGE Period, this is most reliable guide to Trainer locations.

Moenia    In Star Wars Galaxies, NPC Cities are held and patrolled by whichever faction is currently the winner of the Galactic Civil War on the planet.   Moenia is an exception on Naboo, as it is always in the hands of the Rebellion.   The city of Star’s Rest, as seen on the map above, is just 2500 meters southeast of Moenia.


Theed   Theed is the largest NPC city on Naboo.  In the Live game, I never saw this city leave Imperial hands, and so I always consider it sort of the center of the Empire in the game.   The Starport is the only one in the game that is always open.  Whether you see the shuttle in the big hangar or not, you are instantly sent to your destination, no waiting.

Keren  A particularly beautiful city, Keren has one of the six Swoop Race Tracks in the game.  The race goes through the extremely twisty tight turns of the streets of Keren!   The Track begins with the Race coordinator at waypoint 1395  2686


Dee’ja Peak

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