Atheren’s Galaxies: Architect: Homes

One of the unique things about Star Wars Galaxies was the number of housing types available, and the fact that a player made and sold those homes as an Architect.

The weren’t instanced and insubstantial.  You could place them in the world, just about anywhere you liked.   Players could group them together and form cities with their own hospitals, cantinas, banks, and theaters, and shuttleports for traveling to other cities on the planet.

This month in various ways I’m archiving some of the many documents I’ve saved over the years relating to the Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU period.  Today’s fell prey to a small flood that hit only my computer room, of all things.  They’re a bit watery.  Pretend it’s customized stationary.

From a site no longer there,   the WeGame Wiki, a visual guide to Star Wars Galaxies Homes and Halls.  There are other guides out there, but I like that it shows the home from the front and back, plus the blueprint, where it can be placed, how many lots it takes, how many items can be stored, and base maintenance cost per day.

As you’re riding your Swoop through the world, now when you see a house and wonder which one it is so you can purchase it from your local Architect, you can pick just the right one from their shop, using this guide.



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