Atheren’s Galaxies: Pictures From The Live Game

I haven’t many, thanks to dead computers over time.  It happens!

My Architect checking her harvesters using one of those weird floaty chairs from late in the game.   My Emu Doctor looks just like this character.

A character creation screen showing the ten races you could choose from.  I didn’t really play the Toomuchbacca character.

Merchant Tents players can place anywhere, and sell their wares with Vendors.  I wish the green and gold tents were in the Emu.

I loved my Mustafarian Bunker.  This is the room where I kept all the cool trophies I earned.  Plus there was a nice little reading nook in the corner.

Star Wars Galaxies Quest Builder Screens

Meeting the Old Man.  He was very creepy and just popped up one day.

The Siege of Tatooine

Riding to Keren, doing the endless, dread, Legacy quest.  Do not get me started.

My husband’s main character on Live.  He asked to try the game since I was having so much fun.  I didn’t think he’d play for five minutes so I made this guy and named him Spinulus Terrorus.  and he played him forever.  So cute.

The coolest Droid Workshop I ever saw:


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