The Doctor Will Be In Shortly

I’m so slow leveling my Galaxies Doctor.   It’s not surprising, given that it took me six months to get there in  the Live game.

In the Live game, it was hard getting medical xp until I was in a guild.  Then I could get plenty of healing xp.  Originally though, I went planet to planet, competing like mad with other medics for someone to heal to get xp.  It was very dog eat dog, getting those heals before someone else.

You could have one character per server, and I’d see my husband’s character over on another server with all of his HAM bars completely black.  Oh, how I wished I could heal those tasty black XP HAMs.  But no.

Now however, he sends out out two of his characters in their skivvies to fight and die ( he said it takes ten deaths to get completely black HAMs).  Ha ha, mine all mine with no competition.

The other thing that kept me from getting the Master Doctor title was Medicine Crafting.   While the medicines are fun to use, they are no fun to make.   The grind is Biological Effect Controllers (Advanced in the Doc boxes) all the way up.  Crushing.

Again, I really had no idea about crafting in those days, and getting the materials was a pain–particularly since Dolovite Iron did not spawn on my server for several months.  Nobody was selling what they had.

My Emu Doc has no such excuse.  We’ve been working for awhile now getting all the Doc resources, so it’s a matter of click click click.  I got the first box yesterday!  After all this time!  See me go!   Must narrow my focus to the Doc and Entertainer.  Focus, Foooocus!

So, I said I didn’t want to be a buff bot, but yo, Mery did her first set of buffing for my Ranger and a spouse character, getting 3,583 xp for each.  Boink!   I’m going to buff everything that moves!

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