Atheren’s Galaxies: Tailor Color Names

There are a rather staggering number of shades in the Star Wars Galaxies color palettes for Tailor.   If you’re doing right by your customer, you want to name those colors on the charts so if a shade is desired once, you can be assured of giving them the same color again.

Here are a few color names lists I’ve used over time to create my color lists.  Time to go beyond blue, green, yellow and red.

Constance Fairfax’s Commonplace Book :   Sixteenth Century Color Names

Period Name Description DMC Period Name Description DMC
Claie-colour Cream or gray Carnation pinkish-brown (meat) 223
Sheep Undyed wool 712 Lustie-gallant Light Red
Ginger Powdery yellow-cream Ventre de biche reddish-white
Cane Colour Yellowish Tint Pincke Pink 776
White White White Drakes Colour ?  Red or Green
Clodie Colour Off White/Grey Nacarade Pale orange-red
Crane Grayish white Pimpillo Raw Umber/Raw Sienna
Dove Grey Tawny brown, orange 435
Ash Colour (Cendre in France) Grey Lion-Tawny yellowish tan
Isabelline also called Flax-seed) Grayish buff 644 Orange-Tawny brownish orange
Willow grey, light and green 524 Blecche Orange
Dying Spaniard gray, light and greenish 3023 Marigold Orange-Yellow
Rat Colour Black, Heather 3799 Peache Yellow flushed with pink
Heare Colour Brown, the color of a hare Bright New Tan Tan 729
Brown Bread Brownish tan Maidenhair (hair) bright tan
Meal light brown Straw Light Yellow
Puke Brown, Rusty, dirty Primrose Yellow 726
Peahen Brown, reddish 632 Canary Canary yellow
Russet Reddish brown 300 Gozelinge Pale Yellow-Green
Murrey Purplish Red (Plum or Mulberry)) 3685 Popingay (Popinjay, Popingay-blue) Green, yellowish 943
Amarante Amethyst-purple Virli Vivid Green
Zinzolin Red-violet Lincoln Green Bright Green
Gingerline Reddish violet Watchet blue, greenish 806
Crimson Red 816 Seagreen(Celadon) greenish blue-courtesan 561
Maiden’s blush (also called Ladie Blushe) Fuscia 3350 Pease-porridge Tawny Brownish-green
Strammel Red Goose-Turd Green green, yellow-brown 470
Bristol Red Pleasant Red Verdigris Oxidized copper
Sangyn (Blod) Blood Red Milk and Water blue, pale light 747
Ox-Blood Blood Red Whey Pale whitish-blue
Ruby Red Plunket Light Blue
Incarnate Red Biche Pale blue
Scarlet Bright Red 347 Inciannomati Intense light blue
Horseflesh Darker than Carnation 316 Azzuri Deep Blue


© 1996 Penny Ladnier

Color in Elizabethan Dress

This list of cloth colors used throughout the 16th and early 17th century was compiled by Penny Ladnier, and is excerpted from her paper “Color Names Throughout the Centuries”.

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Documented in: “Costume in England: A History of Dress”

Bristol Red: Red used for garments.
Lincoln Green: Color used by archers, also named after the town, Lincoln where it originated.
Yellow: Used for mourning.
Russet: 1512, Reddish brown or grey worn by countrymen.
Ash: 1518, Used for gowns and kirtles.
Rat’s Colour: 1518, Dull grey, worn by poor people.
Puke: 1522, Dirty Brown.
Popingay Green: 1522, Blue-green.
Light Tawney: 1522, Light yellowish tan.
REDDS, PINK, CROYDE, MOSTYNS, BROWN-BLUE, LIGHT GREYE, FRIAR COLOUR, LONG FINE BLUE: All color names used 1522 but more information is needed on them.

Documented in “Costume in the Drama of Shakespear and His Contemparies”:

The following colors were the only colours made in England, during one time in the year 1522 by the order of King Edward VI.

Scarlet: Red
Crimson: Red
Murrey: Mulberry colour
Sheep’s Colour: Natural
Puke: Dirty Brown
Orange-Tawney: Worn often in plays.
Watchet: Blue
Lion’s Colour: Tawney, yellowish tan
Marble, Sad New Colour, Motley, and Iron Grey were also documented on the list, but are in need of more research.

This is a group of King Edward’s VI favorite colors, all from 1547-53:

Incarnate: Red
Carnation: Resembling the colour Raw Flesh
Blod, Turkey,
and Sea-Water are color names documented in need of more research.

This is a group of Mary Tudor’s favorite color’s names used in 1554:

Ruby, Crane, and Old Medley are documented and in need of more research.

Other color names used during the period:

Gooseturd Green: 1577, Yellowish green.
The Devil in the Head: 1577, Also called Hedge.
Whey: 1553, Pale bluish colour.
Coleur de Roy: 1531, Bright Tawney color worn by the officials and servants of the King of Scotland.
PEASE-PORRIGE TAWNIE, POPONGAIE BLUE, LUSTIE GALLANT and BISCAYE are all documented in the year 1577, but are in need of more research.


Documented in “Elizabethan Costumes from 1550-1580”

Bristol Red: A “pleasant” red.
Cane Color: Yellowish tint.
Carnation: Resembling raw flesh
Crane Colour: Greyish white
Dead Spaniard: Pale greyish tan
Gingerline: 1595, Reddish violet
Goose-Turd: Yellowish green
Hair: Bright tan
Incarnate: Red
Isabella: Light buff
Lincoln Green: Bright Green
Lustie-Gallant: Light Red
Maiden Hair: 1605, Bright tan
Milk and Water: Bluish white
Murrey: Purplish red
Orange Tawney: Orangish brown
Peach: Deep pinkish orange
Plunket: Light blue
Popinjay: Bluish Green
Primrose: 1597, Pale yellow
Puke: Dirty Brown
Rat’s Color: Dull grey
Sangyn: Blood red
Sheep’s Color: Natural
Strammel: 1575, Red
Straw: 1578, Light Yellow
Tawney: Brown tinged with yellow
Watchet: Pale greenish blue
Whey: Pale whitish blue
Willow: Light green


Documented in “Costume in England: A History of Dress”

Coventry Blue: Very popular color during Elizabeth’s reign

Documented in “Costume in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemparies”:

Color names available at mercers and drapers during 1586-87.

  • Gentlemen’s Grey, Partridge, Pheasant,
  • Beggar’s Grey, Rat, and Ginger.
  • Names of colors that were accounted for in the Great Wardrobe and were popular during 1559.
  • Brasell, Celestial, Clay, Drake, Flybert,
  • Horseflesh, Marigold, Meal, Palme, Pearl,
  • Soppes-in-Wine, Syamon, and Turtle.
  • Maide’s Blush: 1590, Rose color.

Copyright Notice

“Permission is given to copy and freely distribute this list as long as this header remains intact. No warrenty expressed or implied.” (c) Penny E. Ladnier Send updates, corrections, additions and comments to me:

Color Names

Maybe you know an Amber or a Scarlet. Names of colors, evoking rich images are becoming more popular. Here are a few more you could use:

Amber Carmine Cyan Hazel Loden Saffron Sand Tyrian
Auburn Cerise Ebony Hunter Magenta Scarlet Slate Umber
Azure Cerulean Fawn Ivory Mahogany Siena Sorrel Vermilion
Blue Chartreuse Forest Jet Rose Silver Stone Violet
Brick Coral Gentian Kelly Russet Sky Taupe Viridian
Burgundy Crimson Indigo Lilac Rusty Turquoise Teal


(H) Horticultural Colour Charts

Horticultural Colour Charts,
R. F. Wilson

aconite violet 212
agathia green 117 131
amaranth rose 247
amber yellow 83 86
amethyst violet 216
apricot 68
aster violet 205
aureolin 82
azalea pink 25 27


barium yellow 83
beetroot purple 256 257
begonia 27
bishop’s violet 216
blood red 11
bluebird blue 196 200 207 211
brick red 35
burnt orange 35
buttercup yellow 82
butterfly blue 177 178


cadmium orange 48 49 50
camelia rose 3
campanula violet 205
canary yellow 82
capri blue 160 169
capsicum red 34
cardinal red 11
carmine 11
carmine rose 1 3
carnation green 155
carrot red 50 53
cerulein Blue 178
chartreuse green 116
cherry 11
china rose 255
chinese coral 26 37
chinese yellow 83
chrysanthemum crimson 13
chrysocolla green 140 141
citron green 99 102
claret rose 12
cobalt blue 176
cobalt violet 218
coral pink 27
cornflower blue 194
crimson 11 254
currant red 11
cyclamen purple 236
cypress green 130


dahlia purple 259 260
dauphin’s violet 211
dawn pink 1
delft rose 12
dianthus purple 254
doge purple 238
dresden yellow 98
dutch vermilion 34


egyptian buff 70 73
emerald green 131
empire rose 3
empire yellow 82
enamel blue 176
erythrite red 258
ethyl blue 172


faïence blue 168
fern green 117
fire red 34
flax blue 195 196 206
french blue 194
french rose 26
fuchsia purple 254
fuchsine pink 248


garnet brown 16
garnet lake 256
gentian blue 194
geranium lake 11


heliotrope 206
hyacinth blue 205


imperial purple 218
indian blue 169
indian lake 13
indian orange 34
indian yellow 67 70
ivy green 128


jade green 160
jasper red 12


kingfisher blue 169


langite green 160
lavender green 122
leek green 125 127
lemon yellow 82
lettuce green 117
light chrome yellow 82
lilac purple 258
lobelia blue 205


magenta 254
magenta rose 255
magnolia purple 258
maize yellow 67 68 70 71 83 84
majolica yellow 50 53 68 71
mallow purple 236
mandarin red 34
marigold orange 34 48 50
maroon 17
mars orange 37
mauve 217 218
mauvette 210 214
methyl violet 205
mimeosa yellow 98
mineral violet 218
moorish blue 205


naples yellow 83 86
nasturtium orange 50
nasturtium red 34
neyron rose 248
nickel green 140


orange 34
orange buff 70 71 83 84 86 87
orchid purple 236
oriental blue 176
orient pink 28 29
orient red 11
orpiment orange 48 50
oxblood red 16


pansy purple 13 256
pansy violet 241
paris green 131
parsley green 125
pastel lavender 226
pastel lilac 226
pastel mauve 252
peach 28 29 52
pea green 116
peony purple 254
persian blue 178
persian rose 236 254
persimmon orange 48 50
petunia purple 216 236
phlox pink 248
phlox purple 236
plum purple 225
pod green 120
poppy red 34
porcelain blue 169
porcelain rose 3 27
primrose yellow 97
princess blue 179
purple madder 16




rhodamine pink 247
rhodamine purple 254
rhodonite red 15
rose bengal 254
roseine purple 236
rose madder 254
rose opal 12
rose pink 2 249
rose purple 222
rose red 11
royal purple 219
ruby red 13


saffron yellow 68
sage green 125 127
salmon 28 52
sap green 115 116
saturn red 34
scarlet 11
scheeles green 117
sea blue 196
sea lavender violet 206
shell pink 26
shrimp red 26
signal red 11
solferino purple 254
spanish orange 50
spectrum blue 176
spectrum violet 220
spinach green 125 137
spinel pink 3
spinel red 255
spiraea red 254
straw yellow 83
sulphur yellow 82 97
sung green 154


tangerine orange 48 50
turkey red 11
tyrian purple 254
tyrian rose 254


uranium green 116


venetian pink 4
verdigris 144
vermilion 11 34
veronese green 116 130
veronica violet 206
victoria violet 208
violet 205
violet purple 238
viridian green 140 141


willow green 120 122
wisteria blue 206




yellow ochre 68 71





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