Throwback Thursday: The Perfect Spot (s)

You think I’ve saved too much junk from the live game.  Ha, you have no idea.   I’m going to throw this bit of cardboard away, now.  Out in the wild, it is.

Naboo waypoint -4433 is right outside Theed.  Of course it was nightime, so you’ll need to go there yourself.  There’s a bit of land and in both directions a ribbon of water stretches to the starry horizon.  Someone in the Emu wisely has a little house there, but in the live game, it may have been Bria, the spot was available.


The Corellia River spot waypoint 3100  -5895 turned out to be a bit innocuous as river spots in the game go.   There’s a much nicer one out the eastern gate of Nashal, Talus all the way down to the river’s end, where I did live briefly.   River spots are plentiful in the game, there’s always a nice place to settle down in the Galaxy.

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