Atheren’s Galaxies: Tailor Selections From Mira’s Guide To Outfits

Mira Luka, The Last Tailor Correspondent  did a guide to outfits from the Star Wars Films that you could create using in game clothing.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll try to create those a few of those outfits.   I was going to have my Entertainer model the Greedo outfit, but ran out of time.  My models all.

Greedo’s Outfit

Simple Vest

Ribbed Shirt

Ribbed Pants

Uniform Boots


Han Solo’s Outfit

Cargo Vest

Formal Shirt

Thin Striped Pants

Uniform Boots


Leia Organa’s Awards Ceremony Outfit

Loose Dress

Dress Slippers

Plated Necklace


Mara Jade’s Assassin Outfit

Leather Trim Shirt

Padded Workpants

High Quality Boots

Large Headwrap

Link-Steel Reinforced Gloves


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