Throwback Thursday, News At 11

I try to stay out of the NGE era of Galaxies, because it was the Worst of Times.  Still for throw back Thursday here’s a nice bit I wrote on my oldest game blog about Raph Koster ending his time at SOE.

It also contains his  The Commandments of Online Worlds, which, hurrah and huzzah, took some broadsides at the faithlessness of the NGE.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Raph a free man, news at 11

According to his blog yesterday, Raph is now done with his SOE contract. Congrats to him. He answered a couple of questions from well-wishers, including the information that he already has lined up something with an “indie publisher”.

Good for him! He seems to me to be very creative, and also a prototypical academic sort of guy. I think he will do something very experimental, now he is freed from corporate no-think land. I wish him the best, and expect more great things from him. /eyes peeled for amazing stuff

Raph didn’t wait long to come out swinging. The godlike one hit a few forums and he posted this wondrous sermon from the game mount:

The Commandments of Online Worlds
1. Thou shalt not mistake online worlds for games, for they encompass far more; nor shalt thou forget that play is noble, and game is no epithet.

2. Thou shalt not disrespect thy players, nor treat them as mere database entries or subscriptions, but rather as people, for thy power is granted you by them.

3. Thou shalt not remove fun or implement unfun for the sake of longer subscriber longevity, nor shalt thou consider thy sort of fun to be the only sort of fun to be had, for many and mysterious are the ways of enjoyment.

4. Thou shalt not blindly do what has been done before, but rather shalt know why all is as it is, and how it could be different.

5. Thou shalt create and follow rules that bind thyself as well as the players, for thou art of the community, not above it.

6. Thou shalt not make thy world a place for players to do real harm unto one another, or for thee to do harm unto players.

7. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s userbase, but instead be true to thine own userbase, for thou hast made them a garden, and thy job is cultivation.

8. Thou shalt make every activity within thy world one that stands alone enjoyably; if it be a game, then thou shouldst make it a fun game on its own merits; if it be other, then thou shouldst make it true to itself. Thy world doth not make boring things into enjoyable things merely because it is thy world.

9. There shalt be no number nine.

10. Honor thy ancestors, for they solved most of thy design problems.


Visit Raph here:


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