This Week In The Galaxy 7/19/19

The most exciting thing this week is my Doctor’s advancement.   Once she had the ability to buff, those 3500+ xp buffs of six stats on all of my spouse’s ten characters (his clever idea) got all the remaining Doctor’s healing boxes filled in about an hour!

That’s progress!

I just have the crafting column, and unlike live, there are plenty of resources to use for the grind.

Tragically, for me, I had to re-type in a crafting macro, then laboriously hunt to find the correct schematic number for Advanced Biological Effect Controllers, even though it looked plain as day to be the third schematic pictured.  But no, it’s schematic 15 for some reason.   It’s all the schematic hunting she’ll ever have to do.

Hunting for creatures, berries, fiberplast, iron and other high quality items, and healing people of anything that ails them will be the fun part.

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