Atheren’s Galaxies Spotlight On Naboo Creatures

So, you’re on Naboo and are ready to hunt!

First, keep a handy copy of SWG Creatures in your pack.  Fully restored from the original site, it is the best source for Pre-Cu hunting on the nine planets.

Use the Sort Feature to sort by planet, then browse to Naboo.   You’ll find Combat level, Creature HAM, and any special attacks the creature has.


Next, open your well browsed copy of the SWG Craft Project.   It does cover through the NGE, so it mentions resources on Mustafar, that fiery, flaming land.

Here you’ll find a guide to Creature Resources.  What’s a good resource?   What animal drops the particular resource you need on Naboo?

Say you want the ever popular Wooly Hide.  On Naboo, these animals will have Wooly Hide, and no others:

Naboo: Gualama, Peko Peko, Tamed Hurton

Hungry for Carnivore Meat?  It’s all about the cats, dogs, snakes and monkeys:

Naboo: Cat, Flesh Eating Chuba, Narglatch, Plains Hunter, Prowler, Shaupaut, Slice Hound, Spitting Rawl, Swamp Stalker, Veermok


Wonder who needs what you’ve hunted down?

Here’s who uses what and how much they need.



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