Throwback Thursday: Badges

There are exploration badges in the game.  I post this list of them here for my spouse who may, sometime, as he travels, grab these badges.  Combat Upgrade era, as Kashyyyk is listed.  The rest is as it was.

Badge Bio Notes
Location: Ben Kenobi’s Old Home (waypoint -4494 -2275) …has visited Ben Kenobi’s old home.
Location: Pool Beneath Fort Tusken (waypoint -3966 6267) …has visited the pool underneath Fort Tusken.
Location: Skeleton of the Famed Greater Krayt Dragon (waypoint -4645 -4346) …has visited the famed Krayt Dragon skeleton.
Location: Escape Pod Used by C-3PO and R2-D2 (waypoint -3927 -4413) …has visited the escape pod used by C-3PO and R2-D2.
Location: Pit of the Mighty Sarlacc (waypoint -6176 -3372) …has visited the home of the mighty Sarlacc.
Location: Lars Homestead (waypoint -2587 -5504) …has found the Lars Homestead on Tatooine.
Location: Krayt Dragon Graveyard (waypoint 7396 4478) …has found the hidden Krayt Dragon Graveyard.
Location: Hidden Gungan Sacred Place (waypoint -1945 -5466) …has discovered the hidden Gungan Sacred Place.
Location: The bottom of the Great Falls at Theed (waypoint -4629 4210) …has seen the majestic falls of Theed.
Location: The head of the falls at Dee’ja Peak (waypoint 5157 -1646) …has visited the stately falls of Dee’ja Peak.
Location: Amidala’s Private Beach (waypoint -5828 -93) …has visited Amidala’s Private Beach.
Location: Heart of Agrilat Crystal Swamps (waypoint 1387 3748) …has explored the depths of the Agrilat Crystal Swamp.
Location: Rebel Hideout on Corellia (waypoint -6527 5965) …has seen the Rebel Hideout on Corellia.
Location: Rogue Corsec Base on Corellia (waypoint 5178 1640) …has seen the Rogue Corsec Base on Corellia.
Location: Outdoor theater in Vreni Island (waypoint -5417 -6249) …has visited the famous outdoor theater on Vreni Island.
Location: Crystal fountain in Bela Vistal (waypoint 6760 -5617) …has seen the magnificent crystal fountain at Bela Vistal.
Yavin IV  
Location: Ancient Palace of the Woolamander (waypoint 519 -646) …has encountered the mysterious Palace of the Woolamander on Yavin 4.
Location: Mysterious Blue Leaf Temple (waypoint -875 -2047) …has discovered the ancient Temple of the Blueleaf cluster.
Location: Hidden Temple of Exar K’un (waypoint 5076 5537) …has visited the Temple of Exar K’un.
Location: Ruined Jedi Temple (waypoint 4196 5204) …has uncovered the mysteries of the Ruined Jedi Temple on Dantooine.
Location: Abandoned Rebel Base (waypoint -6827 5507) …has visited the abandoned Rebel Base on Dantooine.
Location: Dantari Village (waypoint -3870 -5713) …has walked among Dantari tribesmen
Location: Dantari Rock Village (waypoint -7154 -895) …has visited a Dantari Rock Village.
Location: Steaming Maw of Adi’s Rest (waypoint 3091 -4641) …has climbed to the top of “Adi’s Rest”.
Location: An Imperial Outpost (waypoint -1939 -2977) …has found an Imperial base on Lok.
Location: A Kimogila Skeleton (waypoint 4557 -1157) …has found a Kimogila skeleton on Lok.
Location: Horrid Tar Pits of Dathomir (waypoint 665 –4852) …has explored the horrid tar pits of Dathomir.
Location: Lesser Sarlacc of Dathomir (waypoint -2100 3130) …has discovered the lesser Sarlacc on Dathomir.
Location: Abandoned Escape Pod (waypoint -4446 596) …has found a mysterious escape pod crash-landed on Dathomir.
Location: Lesser Misty Falls (waypoint 3559 1558) …has climbed to the peak of the Lesser Misty Falls region.
Location: Greater Misty Falls (waypoint 3017 1287) …has reached the Greater Misty Falls Peak.
Location: Downed Ship (No POI, waypoint 5654 1848) …found a wrecked starship on Dathomir.
Location: Imperial Prison (waypoint -6135 976) …seen the dreaded Imperial Prison on Dathomir.
Location: Ewok Tree Village (waypoint 4597-2424) …has visited an Ewok Tree Village.
Location: Ewok Lake Village (waypoint 1465 -3269) …has visited an Ewok Lake Village.
Location: Dulok Village (waypoint 6051 -2477) …has seen a Dulok Village.
Location: Marauder Base (waypoint -4715 -2282) …has found a Marauder base on Endor.
Location: Lost Village of Durbin (waypoint 4282 1026) …has seen the lost village of Durbin on Talus.
Location: Imperial Base (waypoint -2184 2405) …has seen an Imperial Base on Talus.
Location: The site of a battle between Imperial and Rebel forces (waypoint -2551 3923) …has observed a battle between Rebel and Imperial Forces on Talus.
Location: A cave inhabited by Aqualish soldiers (waypoint -4426 -1414) …has seen a cave populated by Aqualish soldiers on Talus.
Location: The Kobala Spice Mine (waypoint 7371 169, inside) …has seen the fabled Kobola Spice Mines on Rori.
Location: A Rebel Outpost (waypoint 3664 -6501) …has seen a Rebel Outpost on Rori.
Location: An Imperial Encampment (waypoint -5633 -5661) …has seen an Imperial encampment on Rori.
Location: An Imperial Hyperdrive Facility (waypoint -1130 4536, inside) …has found the Imperial Hyperdrive Research Facility on Rori.
Location: Kachirho, Kashyyyk – capital city of the Wookiee Homeworld. …has discovered the natural beauty of the Wookiee homeworld



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