This Week In The Galaxy 7/26/19

Most of the activity this week was in connection with writing blog posts for the week.

The Galaxies Tailor Mira’s Outfits take surprisingly long to do, because I need to identify what the original color used was, where it is on the charts, make sure to “name” it for the outfit it is, then go to the stage in the cantina, put them on, snap the picture, and blah blah from there.  Sheesh.

The last of those will be next Wed the 31st when the daily blog posts here end.   I’ll go back to once a week on Fridays.  Instead of This Week In the Galaxy, it will be Atheren’s Galaxies.  It has a nice ring to it.

I’m trying to get a better vendor stock schedule, so am having the three crafters who have them do their re-stock on a separate day while I listen to podcasts.

I’m planning to send my dancer to Mos Eisely to finish her last bit.  You get a ton of healing xp fast in a group.  I haven’t tried it, so am not sure, but I think the dancer can just do her highest level dance in a group, unlike the musicians who always drop down to play what the lowest level person can play.  That’s why all you hear is Star Wars 1.

My plans to grind out med crafting xp have not worked out this week.  Onward!

The post schedule for next week for the curious (nobody according to my site stats, but the imaginary audience always craves these tidbits):

Monday Spotlight on Naboo Player Cities.   Wish me luck driving around Naboo trying to find those with no shuttles or terminals.

Tuesday  The Modern gameplay options I’d like to see in Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-CU forever!)

Wed  Mira’s Outfits, a final five.  Doing Admiral Ackbar for sure.

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